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City: Curitiba Country: Brazil


The University of Alberta's e3 program is a unique study and work abroad program that allows students the flexibility to choose from three experiences in one location. e3 Brazil is flexible, fusing academics with real-life work experience, providing a comprehensive experience unparalleled by other abroad programs.

e3 Brazil combines:

  • Portuguese language study
  • Academic coursework
  • Internship placement (work or research)

When Can I Go?

Terms Offered: Spring, Summer

Dates & Duration:

  • Module I (Portuguese Language Studies): June 2024
  • Module II (Academic Course): SOC May 6-24, 2024
  • Module III (Internship*): May - August

*Students can choose a 2-month or a 3-month internship placement.
**Internship dates may change based on the host organization.

Deadline to Apply:

  • e3 Internships: November 20, 2023
  • Course work only:  March 1, 2024 (or until program is full)

Eligibility Requirements

e3 is open to post-secondary students from all disciplines! Non University of Alberta student are welcome to apply!

See more detailed Eligibility.

Note: Module III (Internship) cannot be take on its own. Module III must be combined with either Module I (Portuguese Language) and/or Module II (Academic Courses).

Program Information

Language of Instruction: English, Portuguese

Module I: Portuguese Language Studies (PORT 111)

Students who select this module will take approximately 60 hours of intensive language instruction, as well as co-curricular activities outside of the classroom, to complete 3 credits of University of Alberta Portuguese language studies. In addition, students will be paired with Brazilian students to enhance their language acquisition.

Module II: Academic Courses

SOC 302 (*3) - Drugs and Marginalization in South America

May 6-24, 2024 - Dr. Marta-Marika Urbanik

South America is routinely noted for being the world’s most influential area for illicit drug
production, drug trafficking, and drug-related violence, and is often blamed for “exporting” these problems globally. As the largest and most populous country in the Global South, Brazil is generally considered the epicentre of transnational drug production and distribution. This notoriety shapes Brazil’s challenges with and (in)formal responses to drug use and harm reduction, as well as the regulation of (illicit) drug markets, and hinders its ability to address drug-related violence and harms effectively. This course will provide students with a strong empirical and theoretical foundation of the intersecting issues shaping illicit drugs, poverty, and criminalization in South America, focusing on Brazil. The course’s on-site delivery in Curitiba, bolstered by local knowledge and resources, will facilitate an immersive and authentic experience in and knowledge of Brazilian experiences and challenges related to crime, law, and drugs.

Module III: Internship

Students who select this module will participate in a 6-12 week internship placement from June - August. Internships immerse students in a company or in one of the many social, cultural, political, and/or educational organizations/institutions in Brazil. Internships allow students to apply classroom concepts to a real-life setting, and provide organizations and companies with a fresh perspective from talented students with global competencies.

Internships in a variety of fields, relevant to the location-specific theme, will be offered to appeal to students from a wide diversity of academic disciplines. The exact date of the internship placements will be agreed upon between the student and the internship host. Students must take Module I and/or Module II to be eligible to participate in Module III (i.e., the internship cannot be taken on its own).

A local coordinator based in Curitiba, Brazil will meet with students and assist them in securing internship placements.

Fees & Costs

e3 Brazil consists of 3 modules, which can be taken in different combinations. Students can elect to take one, two, or all three modules. e3 charges a program-specific tuition fee for each 3-credit course/internship. The amount students pay will depend on which track they have chosen to participate in. In addition to the program fees, students will be responsible for all other costs such as accommodation, food, insurance, books, flights/transportation, non-instructional fees, as well as other personal expenses. Students can explore the different tracks available and estimated total program costs via the links below:

e3 Brazil Program Fees


Students may request UAI to book a homestay for them during the entire e3 Brazil program. Student are also welcome to arrange their own accommodation.

For students taking advantage of the homestay option, a homestay matching form must be completed. In most instances, students will be placed with another e3 participant, unless otherwise agreed upon. Cost for vary depending on the family, but on average a homestay costs approximately $400 CAD per month.

Program Contact

University of Alberta International, Education Abroad

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Funding Opportunities 

Students receive on average between $1,400-$2,000 in funding.

Over 80% of students who apply get funding.

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