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City: Grenoble Country: France


The University of Alberta's e3 is a unique study and work abroad program that allows students the flexibility to choose from three experiences in one location. e3 French Alps is flexible, fusing academics with real-life work experience, providing a comprehensive experience unparalleled by other abroad programs.

e3 French Alps combines:

  • French language study
  • Internship placement (work or research)
  • Academic coursework

"Yes, I would absolutely recommend this program to other students. This is a great opportunity to understand other cultures and to be better informed about global issues. The modules in the program are helpful in terms of language learning, assisting with language barriers, and giving us the experience of working in our fields abroad through the internship" e3 French Alps participant

When Can I Go?

Terms Offered: Spring, Summer

Dates & Duration:

  • Module I (French language): June 3-28, 2024 and/or July 1 - 26, 2024
  • Module II (Internship): May - July 2024*
  • Module III (Academic Course): May 13-31, 2024

*Internship dates may change based on host organization

Deadline to Apply:

  • e3 Internship: November 20, 2023
  • Course work only- language or academic course: March 1, 2024 (or until program full)

Eligibility Requirements

e3 is open to ALL post-secondary students from all disciplines.  Non University of Alberta student are welcome to apply!

See more detailed Eligibility.

Note: Module II (Internship) cannot be taken on its own. Module II must be combined with Module I (French Language Studies) and/or Module III (Academic Courses).

Program Information

Language of Instruction: English, French

Module I: French Language Studies (FREN 111; 112; 211; 212; 297)

Students can choose to take 3* or 6* credits from the following French Courses FREN 111; FREN 112; FREN 211; FREN 212; FREN 297. Students can take any *3 course or take *6 in both terms.  

Dates for the courses: June 3 - 28, 2024 and/or July 1 - 26, 2024

*FREN 297 = FRAN 216 for Campus St. Jean students. CSJ students must speak with their academic advisors about how these courses fit with their program.

All students taking French language courses under e3 French Alps will be required to take two language placement tests to assess and determine their level of study at UAlberta and the corresponding level in France. To ensure success in the requested course abroad, it is strongly recommended that students present at least a B- in the previous level.

"I enjoyed the French language learning experience at CUEF. The class sizes were small (5-15 students) and the professors were able to focus on each of us individually. Once a week we had field trips where we learnt about the culture and history of the city." e3 French Alps 2017 Participant

Module II: Internship

Students who select this module will participate in a 6- to 8-week internship in June and July. Internships immerse students in varied companies and organizations in France and throughout Europe. Professional-track internships allow students to apply academic concepts to a real-life setting, and provide organizations and companies with fresh perspectives from talented students with global competencies.

Internships in a variety of fields, relevant to the location-specific theme, will be offered to appeal to students from a wide diversity of academic disciplines. The exact date of the internship placements will be agreed upon between the student and the internship host. Students must take Module I and/or Module II to be eligible to participate in Module III (i.e., the internship cannot be taken on its own).

A local coordinator based in Europe will meet with students and assist them in securing internship placements. 

Module III: Academic Course

MLCS 399 (*3) - The Landscapes of French Culture -

May 13- 31, 2024 - Dr. Daniel Laforest 
This course, which takes place in Grenoble, offers an introduction to the development of modern French culture in relation to some of its most prominent landscape and urban features. The course will be largely comprised of thematic field-trips around the Grenoble area :

1) City-walks to better understand the urban development of a major French city, including social inequities and the new globalized “tech hub” area specific to Grenoble;

2) Short hikes in the surrounding mountain areas focusing on the historical linguistic development routes of French language, and on the contemporary immigration routes that impact the sociopolitical reality of France today;

3)Commented visits of the two main museums of the city. The course will also include a selection of literary texts in translation (fiction; essays; historical accounts), of movies from the world- renowned French cinema tradition, and of art works.

"I enjoyed the cultural immersion from the e3 French Alps program. I appreciated the challenges and small victories when I succeeded at conversing with others in French. Not only that, the friends and acquaintances I met broadened my global perspectives through our conversations" e3 French Alps 2017 participant

Fees & Costs

e3 French Alps consists of 3 modules, which can be taken in different combinations. Students can elect to take one, two, or all three modules. e3 charges a program-specific tuition fee for each 3-credit course/internship. The amount students will pay depends on which track students choose to participate in. In addition to the program fees, students will be responsible for all other costs such as accommodation, food, insurance, books, flights/transportation, non-instructional fees, as well as other personal expenses. Students can explore the different tracks available and estimated total program costs via the links below:

e3 French Alps Program Fees


Students may request UAI to book accommodation for them during Module I (French language) and Module III (Academic Course). Accommodation may also be available, at the student's request, for Module II (Internship) if the internship is based in Grenoble. Students are welcome to find their own accommodation instead of booking through UAI.

NOTE: You must request accommodation to be booked through UAI if you would like to stay with our e3 French Alps housing provider.

Program Contact

University of Alberta International, Education Abroad

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Students receive on average between $1,400-$2,000 in funding.

Over 80% of students who apply get funding.

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