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City: Berlin   Country: Germany

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What the Universität has to offer: 

  • One of the most prestigious research universities in Germany and continental Europe
  • 12 academic departments; including Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Business, Economics, Physics, and Veterinary Medicine
  • Located in the residential garden district of Dahlem in southwestern Berlin, a geographical centre noted for high-calibre research
  • Home of one of the most important scientific discoveries: nuclear fission!

Why don't you combine your participation in this exchange with participation in an internship as well?  We could send you on an International Work Experience (IWE) internship before or after your exchange.  If you are interested in going out on both programs please contact Michal Guzowski at michal.guzowski@ualberta.ca for more details.

When Can I Go?

Terms Offered: Fall, Winter, Full Year

Term Dates:

Semester 1: October – February

Semester 2: April – July

Eligibility Requirements

Open to: All Faculties

Level: Undergraduate, Graduate

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Course Information

Language of Instruction: Almost all subjects are taught in German. Please note that subjects taught in English outside the Departments of English and North American Studies are very limited in number. Availability may vary and cannot be guaranteed. An overview of subjects taught in English is available and please use the "advanced search option" from the drop down menu for "Search now" to find them.

Field of Study: All

Freie Universität Berlin Course Information

ECTS = European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

Freie Universität Berlin Credit Information


Freie Universität Berlin Accommodation

Program Contact

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Credit Transfer History

  • Freie Universitat Berlin
    Course at Host Institution Faculty UAlberta Subject Area UAlberta Course Equivalency Credit Hours Notes
    16852 Culture and Politics in the Weimar Republic Arts History 2XX 3  
    54639 Current Political and Social Debates, Level B2.1(German Language Course) Arts German 4XX 3  
    Aufbauseminar (Bachelor)----Grammatiktheorie anhand Deutsch-Englischer Kontraste ( Grammatical theory via German-English Contrasts ) Arts German 3XX 3 not to do GERM 402 at U of A
    Aufbaumodul 3(a) : Diskursformen in Hochschule und Beruf: Darstellen, Argumentieren, Diskutieren, Kritisieren Arts German 3XX 3 not to do GERM 402 at U of A
    Judische Literatur und judisches Leben in Berlin ( Jewsih Literature and Jewish Life in Berlin ) Arts German 3XX 3 not to do GERM 402 at U of A
    17344 The History of English from a Sociolinguistic Perspective Arts English 2XX 3  
    54623 German Language Course: Speaking, Reading, Listening Level B1.1 Arts German 3XX 3  
    17500 Introduction to Theatre studies AND 15137: Theories of International Relations Arts Arts Option 2XX 6  
    Kurturelle Orientireung in Berlin Arts German 3XX 3 not to do GERM 402 at U of A
    Heimat in Literatur und Film ( The Notion of " Heimat" in German Literature and Film ) Arts German 3XX 3 not to do GERM 402 at U of A
    54813 Polish Basic Module Arts Arts Option 1XX 3