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City: Beijing   Country: China

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What TU has to offer:

  • Is considered to be "the Harvard" of China - China's best university
  • A comprehensive research university dedicated to academic excellence, the well-being of Chinese society and to global development
  • A wide variety of academic disciplines; with 14 schools and 56 departments in science, engineering, the humanities, law, medicine, history, philosophy, economics, management, education and art
  • An educational philosophy to "train students with integrity"
  • A reputation for hosting some of the most distinguished guest speakers of any university in the world; with international leaders such as Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Carlos Ghosn, and Henry Paulson, all recently giving lectures to the university community
  • Extensive facilities; including supermarkets, bookstores, banks, post offices, hospital, sports centers, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, restaurants and dining halls
  • Named one of the most beautiful college campuses in the world by Forbes

Students who are Canadian citizens applying for this program are encouraged to apply for funding through the Canada Learning Initiative in China (CLIC) program.

Students applying for this exchange who are not Canadian citizens have other funding options open to them.

Why don't you combine your participation in this exchange with participation in an internship as well?  We could send you on a TusStar Internship or an IWE internship in Hong Kong before or after your exchange.  If you are interested in going out on two programs please contact Michal Guzowski at michal.guzowski@ualberta.ca for more details.

When Can I Go?

Terms Offered: Fall, Winter, Full Year

Term Dates:

Semester 1: September – January

Semester 2: February – June

Eligibility Requirements

Open to: All Faculties

Level: Undergraduate, Graduate

Tsinghua University reserves exchange opportunities for students who are not from China and includes students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan in this exclusion.

See Eligibility

Course Information

Language of Instruction: English (limited), Chinese

Students wanting to take Chinese-taught courses should have a level of Chinese equivalent to HSK Band 5.

Field of Study: All

Tsinghua University Course Information - scroll to the bottom of the page for links to course information.

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What Students Say

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Program Contact

University of Alberta International, Education Abroad

Credit Transfer History

  • Tsinghua University
    Course at Host Institution Faculty UAlberta Subject Area UAlberta Course Equivalency Credit Hours Notes
    30470093 Computational Biology Science BIOL 2XX 3  
    COMP 30470084 Operating Systems Science CMPUT 379 3  
    COMP 40250891 Experiments in Robot Control Science CMPUT 412 3  
    COMP 40240422 Fundamentals of Computer Graphics Science CMPUT 411 3  
    COMP 40240062 Digital Image Processing Science CMPUT 206 3  
    COMP 240094 Computer Organization and Architecture Science CMPUT 229 3  
    COMP 240103 Computer Networks Science CMPUT 313 3  
    30470013 Introduction to Computing Science Science CMPUT 1XX 3  
    MATh 10420604 Advanced Algebra Science MATH 2XX 3  
    MATH 10420854 Experiments in Mathematics Science MATH 2XX 3 MATH 381
    30450263 Microbiology Science MICRB 2XX 3  
    20470024 General Physics I Science PHYS 1XX 3  
    STAT 10420803 Probability and Statistics Science STAT 265 3  
    MATH 1042024 Stochastic Mathematical Methods Science STAT 2XX 3 STAT 266 or STAT 371
    STAT 3042044 Statistical Inference Science STAT 2XX 3  
    30700493 Abnormal Psychology Arts Psychology (Arts) 2XX 3 ntd PSYCA 239
    80590353 International Public Organizations Arts Political Science 4XX 6 ntd POL S 468
    00670152 War and International Relationship Beyond the Lens Arts Political Science 3XX 3  
    80615162 Principles of Area Studies Arts Political Science 3XX 3 ntd POL S 379
    00690783 Introduction of Classic Poems in Tang Dynasty Arts Chinese 4XX 3 ntd CHINA 410
    80615152 Contemporary U.S.-China Relations Arts Political Science 3XX 3  
    30700572 Culture Psychology Arts Psychology (Arts) 2XX 3  
    00590043 Modern China Studies Arts Chinese 4XX 3  
    80611852 Gender Study and Feminist Ethics Arts Philosophy 3XX 6 ntd PHIL 272
    00670122 The Art of Modern Life Arts Arts Option 1XX 3
    Intermediate Financial Accounting Business  ACCTG   4XX  NTD ACCTG 414
    30510202 Management Information Systems  Business  MIS  3XX  1.5   
    International Financial Market  Business  FIN  442   
    Advanced Financial Accounting  Business  ACCTG  4XX