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City: Guadalajara Country: Mexico

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What UAG has to offer:


  • UAG, founded in 1935, is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in Mexico
  • Throughout its history, the UAG has preserved its Mexican roots and cultural values while it is also recognized both at home and abroad as an internationalized university
  • UAG has graduated tens of thousands of foreign students all through eighty-two years of its existence
  • All courses offered by UAG are academically structured according to international standards
  • UAG has extensive athletic facilities including an Olympic swimming pool, handball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts and a soccer stadium.

When Can I Go?

Terms Offered: Fall, Winter, Full Year

Term Dates:

Semester 1: August - December

Semester 2: January - May

Eligibility Requirements

Open to: All Faculties

Level: Undergraduate, Graduate

See Eligibility.

Course Information

Language of Instruction: Mainly Spanish, limited English

Students wishing to take courses in Spanish are recommended to have at least a Spanish Diploma level (DELE) of B1 or to place at a level 5 or higher according to the UAG placement exam.

Field of Study: All with the exception of Medicine and Dentistry

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara Course Information

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara Credit Information

Information about UAG's Intensive Spanish and Culture Courses


There are no dormitories on the UAG campus. Students who are interested may apply for a host family. Living with a host family has a great number of advantages and is encouraged. UAG has a listing of approved families and will place students in appropriate families according to answers given in the homestay application. Students who choose not to apply for a host family will need to make their own housing arrangements.

Program Contact

University of Alberta International, Education Abroad

Credit Transfer History

  • Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
    Course at Host Institution Faculty UAlberta Subject Area UAlberta Course Equivalency Credit Hours Notes
    Literatura Iberoamericana Arts Spanish 3XX 3.00
    Span III (grammar) Arts Spanish 1XX 3.00
    Historia de la Cultura en Espana y America Arts History 2XX 3.00
    Span V (grammar) Arts Spanish 2XX 3.00
    Span IV (grammar) Arts Spanish 2XX 3.00
    Span VI (grammar) Arts Spanish 3XX 3.00
    Italiano I Arts Italian 111 3.00
    Spanish Level V(Conversation) Arts Spanish 3XX 3.00
    Span VII (grammar) Arts Spanish 3XX 3.00
    Mexican Folklore Arts Latin American Studies 2XX 3.00
    Span II (grammar/conversation) Arts Spanish 1XX 3.00
    Sociologia Arts Sociology 1XX 3.00
    Spanish Level VI (Grammar) Arts Spanish 3XX 3.00
    Historia de Mexico Arts History 2XX 3.00 No to do Hist 343