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The University François-Rabelais of Tours is located in the lively and beautiful city of Tours (one hour from Paris), a city where history, culture, sports activities and a thriving business community ensure you will experience the best of French art de vivre. As Tours is surrounded by the Loire Valley - listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO - you will have the opportunities to discover beautiful countryside and gastronomical treasures.

Home to great writers such as Rabelais, Ronsard and Balzac, the Touraine area has a rich and ancient cultural heritage. From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, various Kings and Queens of France encouraged artistic and intellectual creation, thus making the Loire Valley the cradle of French culture. Tours has also the reputation for being one of the towns in France where the purest and most unblemished French is spoken.

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UFRT, and its International Relations Office, assist exchange students by offering on campus recreational opportunities including a cultural program, buddy programs and mentorship, sports students' associations and international student network. There are a variety of student services is available on campus, such as university restaurants, residence halls, medicine, cultural and artistic activities offered by the Office of Cultural Affairs, and multiple libraries.

When Can I Go?

Terms Offered: Fall, Winter, Full Year

Term Dates:

Fall Semester: September to December (4 months)

Winter Semester: January to May (5 months)

Eligibility Requirements

Open to: All Faculties*

Level: Undergraduate, Graduate

*Restricted Programs: Medicine/Continuing studies and Master's Degree programs in English

See Eligibility.

Please contact the Program Contact with any questions about eligibility.

Course Information

Language of Instruction: English/French

Field of Study: All

UFRT has 7 teaching and research Faculties, offering more than 300 programs of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels, 2 Institutes of Technology (IUT), 1 Polytechnic Engineering School (EPU), as well as a University Centre of French as a Foreign Language (CUEFEE).

UFRT course information for exchange students


Both on and off campus housing options available to students. They can choose among these types of accommodation:

Residence halls (forms gathered by the UFRT for exchange students and processed by the CROUS)

Private students residences (not managed by the University)

Further information about housing

Program Contact

Emma Yellowbird
Campus Saint-Jean

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Funding Opportunities 

Students receive on average between $1,400-$2,000 in funding.

Over 80% of students who apply get funding.

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