Student Stories

Get Ready

Adjusting to Canada: First Time in Canada

International students share their stories of arriving in Canada, their first experiences of going through immigration, connecting their flights and finally travelling to campus. 

Adjusting to Canada: The Essentials

Gain essential tips on adjusting to life in Canada.

Adjusting to Canada: U of A Campus

What are classes like at the U of A? What happened on your first day on campus? Our international students share their experiences of attending a class of 400 people; and how they managed to connect to Canadian students.

Adjusting to Canada: Working in Canada

Avash shares his experience of writing a resume and cover letter for a job in Canada.


An Unforgettable Journey

An international student shares his experiences while travelling for the first time ever to attend in-person classes


My First Day in Edmonton

A U of A student from New Delhi, India, shares her memories from her first day in Edmonton.


A Guide for International Students Returning to Canada

Valentina shares her experience and advice for returning to Edmonton (or coming for the first time) to attend classes at the U of A.


How to Maintain Long-Distance Friendships

Whether it’s COVID-19 restrictions or a country keeping you apart from your friends, here is some advice for staying in touch.


Be Prepared


How to dress for Canadian Winters

Learn how to protect yourself against Canadian winters. Get tips on how to layer and protect yourself from frostbite.


How to Survive Your First Winter in Canada

An international student shares some advice for enjoying winter in Edmonton


A University Timeline Every International Student Should Know

Here is a timeline/checklist for all international students who are hoping to stay in Canada after graduation.

During Winter Break


How to Beat Holiday Homesickness This Winter Break

Gurbani shares ways to tackle homesickness during Winter Break.



My One-Week Break from Social Media

Frustrated with her habit of mindlessly scrolling through her social media feeds, Gurbani decided to make some changes.


My Self Love Journey

Suggestions for practicing self-love, self-care, and acceptance.


Prioritizing Your Health as a University Student: My Journey Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

Here are three areas where I made changes in my life (and I have never felt so good or relieved before)!


An International Student’s Thoughts on the COVID-19 Experience

An international student shares some things you can do to make the best of the current self-isolation situation.

Be Inspired


What does Lunar New Year Mean to You? 

Members of our Asian Community from China, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and more celebrate the Lunar New Year. We asked students from these regions to share how they celebrate the season.


How Working with Campus & Community Recreation Set Me Up for Academic (and Personal Success)

On-campus employment offers students experiential learning opportunities.


Building a Startup as a Student

A conversation with student entrepreneur Kevin Mpunga

International student recipients for the FGSR TA Award

FGSR TA Award Recipients Q and As

International graduate student recipients of the 2020 FGSR Teaching Assistant Award, answer questions about their decision to pursue their field of study and their UAlberta experience.


Your Questions Answered: Two-time SUAward Winner Shares How She Made her Mark

Shenin Mehnaj shares the benefits of getting involved on-campus.


FURCA Opens Doors

Meor Muhammad Hakeem Meor Hashim is an international engineering student from Malaysia. Recently he won a research prize through FURCA (Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities) for his work on the environmental effects of oil in water.