Teaching Portfolio

The teaching portfolio consists of materials that showcase students' teaching achievements and strengths. Students will identify the skills that potential employers seek, research what constitutes a professional teaching portfolio, and learn to clearly and confidently represent their abilities. Students will also be asked to critically examine their teaching and envision ways of changing, adapting, or improving their skills. Depending on the components, this module may count towards FGSR's Graduate Teaching and Learning Program. Note: The teaching portfolio must be significantly different from the assignment prepared in fulfilment of MLCS 650.

Possible materials for inclusion (*required)

  • Statement of teaching philosophy
  • List of courses taught and/or other assigned teaching duties
  • List of professional development activities
  • *Sample lesson plans, course outlines, tests, activities, audio-visual materials, etc. with accompanying commentary
  • Examples of student work (obtain permission from student first)
  • *A "dream syllabus"
  • *Self-assessment of your teaching
  • Assessments of your teaching by students, peers, supervisors/mentors
  • Your publications or presentations on teaching-related topics
  • Statement on inclusivity in the classroom, syllabi, and assignments

Sample online portfolios

Monic Ostergren: Online Teaching Portfolio
Adapting for Special Needs Learners
Fang Liang: An Enthusiastic Chinese Teacher