BCom Student Career Services

We provide BCom students with the tools for successful career self-management, enabling the development of the employability skills necessary to help you achieve your career goals. If you have any questions, please contact us at bizcareers@ualberta.ca.

Book an Appointment

Current students are welcomed to meet with a Career Coordinator to discuss topics such as Career Planning, Cover letter & Resumes, Designations, Interview Preparation, Job Offers and Transitioning to the workplace.

Please login to CareerConnect to book an appointment with a Career Coordinator today.

Access Job Search & Career Development Resources

CareerConnect delivers all the services students need to make their career development and job search effective.

What you can do through CareerConnect:

- Search job postings and apply for opportunities
- Prepare and manage your application materials 
- Schedule and manage interviews
- Request appointments with CWIL staff and access our advising services
- Access important career development information, resources and exercises
- Access online interview skills development
- Connect with potential mentors
- RSVP to attend Career Development Events and Employer Information Sessions

It is the goal and objective of Careers and Work Integrated Learning that every School of Business student will be engaged in their own professional development through the services and programs offered by Careers and Work Integrated Learning, in order to maximize their potential for employment, professional success, and ethical conduct upon graduation.

Please login to CareerConnect to access our full range of services and career development resources.

Apply to Co-op

Cooperative Education is an optional program for students admitted to the University of Alberta, Bachelor of Commerce Program. Cooperative Education combines learning in the classroom with learning on the job.

Students put their academic knowledge into action through periods of relevant full time work experience lasting 4 or 8 months. Students must complete a total of 12 months of work experience in addition to all the Bachelor of Commerce Degree course work in order to receive their co-op designation.

To learn more or to apply please visit Apply to Co-op.

Write an Effective Cover Letter and Resume
Writing a successful cover letter and resume requires practicing these skills well before you are seeking employment. Position yourself for success by accessing the cover letter and resume resources provides through CareerConnect and booking an appointment for feedback.

The School of Business also provides current students access to VMock, a SMART Career Preparation Platform that enables you to have your resume reviewed and then provides immediate feedback to help you improve. Please login to CareerConnect for instructions on how to access VMock.
Develop Interview Skills

The School of Business InterviewStream platform allows students to develop strong interview skills in a pressure-free, interactive environment. Student interviews are recorded, enabling them to review and evaluate their performance or to share the content with peers for additional feedback. Practice provides the experience to be effective in an interview and reduce stress before an actual job interview occurs. Students can develop their skills through two different processes: Practice Interviews and Mock Interviews.

Please login to CareerConnect to register for InterviewStream.

Find a Mentor

Mentorship resources are available to current students through CareerConnect. Login to access support and assistance with developing a meaningful mentorship relationship.

Students also have access to alumni mentorship through the Business Alumni Association (BAA). The BAA: Ask an Alum Anything! provides business students and recent graduates with opportunities to connect with our alumni community. Please register to participate.  Note that only students formally enrolled in the program will be provided with alumni information. 


Prepare for International Employment, Study & Travel

Travelling, studying and working abroad is an experience that can open your mind, expand your horizons, and make your resume look more attractive to potential employers. However, it can also be nerve-wracking, uncomfortable and even frightening for the inexperienced and unprepared traveller. To minimize the impact on your peace of mind and your health, you must spend time preparing and researching your trip, especially if it is your first time. In some instances, you may spend months researching and preparing before being ready to travel.

The information provided through CareerConnect is intended to aid in your preparation as well as provide some leads to some of the options available to students and graduates. 

The School of Business also provides current students access to GoinGlobal, an international opportunity support platform which includes country and city-specific guides providing extensive information on employment outlook and industry trends, local job search resources, cover letter, resume and interview preparation and advice for the local market. 

University of Alberta International is also an excellent resource for preparing you to study, volunteer or work abroad. Their website has many great links, and the International Centre in HUB Mall has many sources on international opportunities.

Employment Statistics

Access current and recent employment statistics gathered through the Annual Employment Survey of recent graduates.

BCom Experiential Learning

Discover ways to engage on campus and become an active participant in our vibrant community through BCom Experiential Learning Opportunities. Experiential Learning opportunities can be curricular or co-curricular in nature and involve activities such as:
  • Case Competitions, Design Jams, Challenges
  • Student Leadership 
  • Exchanges (Student Abroad)
  • Capstone Projects
  • Project Based Learning
  • Community Service Learning
  • Applied Technical Training Sessions
  • Active Career Exploration Activities
  • Microinternships (ELITE, Wavemakers, BEHR etc)