The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise (CEFE), albeit a relatively small Centre, continues to make significant contributions to the School's global research ranking through multiple publications in top journals (as ranked by the internationally recognized Financial Times). Internal documents maintained by the Associate Dean of Research's office clearly indicate that, collectively, individuals associated with CEFE are among leading contributors to the total research output of the faculty.


Research needs to be shared with the world to affect change. CEFE and the Alberta School of Business maintain a high international profile in its family enterprise research activities including:

  • Delivering the internationally recognized Theories of Family Enterprise Academic Conference, which brings together leading scholars from around the world to explore perennial topics in family business research.
  • Playing a key role in the publication of numerous special-issue journals in leading scholarly publications such as Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Journal of Business Venturing, and the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.
  • Maintaining international affiliations such as visiting scholars from around the globe, leadership in internationally-based research associations; and relations with universities, business and government in India, Thailand, Japan, USA, China, Europe and around the world.