Study Tours

Due to the uncertainty and risks associated with the global COVID-19 pandemic, the travel component of the International Study Tours have been cancelled since 2020. We hope to resume offering international programs of this nature again when global conditions allow.

A Virtual Study Tour is being offered for the Winter 2022 semester, which will not include an overseas travel component.

International Study Tours are University of Alberta faculty-led courses that combine lectures and assignments at the UofA in Edmonton with two-week guided field trips to international destinations. Unlike exchange programs, these courses are organized and taught by UofA faculty and count as direct UofA credit. They are a great option for those students who want to incorporate an international component into their degrees, particularly if you have a limited timeframe or available transfer credit. It is also a good way to gain international experience without heavy personal investment as the Study Tours are fully facilitated and students travel and learn alongside fellow UofA participants in a group setting.

The Alberta School of Business has offered the following International Study Tours to BCom and MBA students in the past:

International Business - Japan

BUEC 444 - International Study Tour to Japan is the most recently developed study tour opportunity. This is an introductory course on the business conditions, culture and practices in Japan. BUEC 444 is intended as a BCom-only course and will be held during the UofA's Winter semester with an on-site trip to Tokyo, Nagoya & Kyoto in May.


Family Business - Europe

The European Study Tour is a combined course for both BCom and MBA students. BUEC 444/SMO 686 puts a focus on family business and again runs during the UofA's Winter semester with an on-site trip to central/western Europe in early May.


International Business - China

The China Study Tour is an introductory course on doing business in China offered during the UofA's Winter semester with an on-site trip to Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai in early May. In 2020, it will be offered at the MBA level only as BUEC 648 - International Study Tour to China.


Natural Resources and Energy Specialization

MBA students in the Natural Resources and Energy Specialization also have the option to attend a NREE Study Tour. Past destinations have included Germany, Belgium, London, Brazil and the United States.