Retailing and Services

Lead organizations into a fast-paced, technology-driven, and customer-oriented future with a Retailing and Services major.

Retail and service is the heart of our modern consumer economy. This program focuses on fundamentals such as consumer behavior and decision-making, strategic and tactical pricing, the retail buying process, customer experience management, merchandising and category management, and commercial real estate management.

A mix of theory and hands-on learning

Executives from the retail industry visit the school on a regular basis to meet with students and speak in our classrooms. In addition, retail majors and minors have the opportunity to participate in a paid summer internship with one of our partner organizations, while also conducting a project under academic supervision.

Graduates of the Retailing and Services major work in a wide variety of retail environments from fashion to grocery, with job descriptions that range from buying and supply chain management, to advertising and consulting. You will also be well-positioned for franchise or entrepreneurial ventures in the retailing and services sector.

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