Your professors are teachers first and foremost: their job is to open up the black box and expose you to new possibilities and new experiences based on the latest management research. In addition, your professors are also mentors and coaches.

Faculty are PhD-qualified and have won numerous national and university teaching honours such as the 3M Teaching Fellowship and the National Post "Leaders in Management Education" Award. The faculty stay current by doing consulting work for leading companies internationally and by teaching in executive development programs. Our faculty are a valuable resource, not only while you're in the program, but for the rest of your professional career.

Faculty Profile

"The UAlberta Executive MBA program attracts some of the brightest and most talented executives in the country. They bring their intelligence, experience, industry knowledge and collectively, a variety of backgrounds into the program. Each class I learn from them and they learn from each other. The program is small and cohort-based-instructors get to know the students well and the students create a network that is one of the most valuable outcomes of their Executive MBA degree. The program is demanding and the rewards are huge.."

Dr. Richard Field, Professor of Strategic Management and Organization