Why the MAcc?

MAcc at BDO.

The MAcc program is designed to cover the same material as the Professional Education Program and prepare you for the Common Final Exam. Through the 10 courses of the MAcc degree, you will complete the common and elective modules of the Professional Education Program, as well as the two CPA Capstone modules.

Immerse Yourself
Over two summer terms (May-August), you would be completely immersed in the MAcc program. With no distractions from work, you are able to focus and dedicate yourself to your studies and get the most out of your time in the program.
Continue to Develop Professionally
Once you've completed the intensive summer format of the MAcc program, your focus becomes gaining valuable hours towards the 30-month CPA professional experience requirements. With no academic obligations from September to April, you are able to focus on developing your professional knowledge and strengthening your business acumen.
CPA and Beyond

In addition to covering all of the CPA Professional Education Program core modules, all four elective modules, and Capstone 1 and Capstone, the MAcc also includes courses in Project Management, Strategy, and Negotiations. These additional courses were identified by our industry partners as key knowledge areas that are not well addressed in the CPA Professional Education Program. The addition of these courses is intended to give UAlberta MAcc students another advantage in the workplace.

Ready for the CFE
While there are a number of benefits to pursuing the Master of Accounting, a key goal for students is ultimately getting their CPA designation. The biggest academic hurdle towards earning the designation is the Common Final Exam (CFE). UAlberta Master of Accounting graduates had a first-time pass rate well above the 2019 national cumulative pass rate!
Build Your Network
The MAcc is built around team-based learning. The program is designed to give you an opportunity to develop your team and leadership skills in the classroom and while working on real-life case studies. Our collegial atmosphere and the team-based program will allow you to develop strong personal and professional relationships with students from across Canada - relationships that will last well past graduation. Beyond the network you'll develop with your peers, the MAcc will also allow you to interact with senior leaders in the industry through their involvement as guest speakers in the program.
Beyond the Classroom
Through our Master of Accounting Industry Snapshot event, our MAcc students have the opportunity to liaise with industry influencers, expand their knowledge of the industry, and enhance relationships with their fellow peers and other accountants in various organizations. This event is designed for students currently employed and not, and provides them with first-hand insight about the participating accounting firms or organizations, and what makes each unique.