MBA/JD Combined Degree

Strengthen your position in the field of law with a solid foundation in management and an understanding of the world of business. The MBA/JD combined program was developed by two of the University of Alberta's most prestigious faculties, the Alberta School of Business and the Faculty of Law, for individuals seeking a career defined by the tradition of law and the application of management practices.

Historically, the disciplines of business and law have been closely associated in both the public and private sector. In our global economy, businesses now deal with more complex issues concerning government regulations and international trade policies. With the growth in the size of law firms, lawyers are faced with new administrative challenges of managing a professional service firm. Our MBA/JD combined degree delivers the skills to improve the effectiveness of managers, policy makers, and legal advisers by providing students with strong management skills and an in-depth specialization in law. The combined degree can be completed full-time in four years, one year less than taking each degree separately. This unique program allows individuals with an undergraduate degree in any area, the opportunity to combine management courses with studies in law.

Partner - Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is renowned across Canada for its continued commitment to high academic achievement and assisting individuals with building rewarding careers. Created in 1912, the Faculty of Law is the oldest law school in Western Canada. The Faculty has grown into a dynamic and innovative institution.

For over eight decades, the Faculty of Law has helped launch the careers of many who have had a profound influence on their fellow citizens, our society and our country. Three graduates have gone on to the Supreme Court of Canada, one has been Premier and many others have been appointed to the judiciary and to Cabinet, and some have been named to the Order of Canada. Their outstanding careers and accomplishments in public and private life speak eloquently for the worth of the Faculty's legal education and the value of the degrees.

The Program

The program structure and the focus of studies during the four years vary depending on when a student is admitted into the joint program. Typically two years are spent in law, one year in the MBA program and a joint year combining courses from both areas. Students currently enrolled in the law program may apply to the MBA and combined program after completing their first or second year of studies. MBA students completing their first year may also apply for admission.

Courses in the MBA will cover the fundamentals of accounting, economics, finance, marketing, strategy and organizational behaviour. Students can select MBA electives to complement their studies in law.

Program Outline

MBA / JD Combined Degree Outline


Admission into the combined MBA/JD program is competitive. Only a limited number of applicants are selected for entry into the program each year. A Selection Committee composed of representatives of the Faculty of Law and the Alberta School of Business will determine admission into the combined program.

The application procedure involves:

  1. Application and admission to the MBA Program
  2. Application and admission to the Faculty of Law
  3. Approval of both the MBA Program and the Faculty of Law to complete the combined MBA/JD program

Typically, students in the first year of the regular MBA Program or the first or second year of the Faculty of Law are eligible to apply for the combined program.

MBA/JD Combined Program Application Process

Students are asked to indicate their interest in the MBA/JD program during the application process and on their statement of intent. Once a student has been separately admitted into both the MBA Program and the JD Program, the student is asked to notify the MBA Office of their desire for the MBA/JD Program and their successful admission into the Faculty of Law. Current JD students would typically apply to the MBA program during their 1st or 2nd year of study.

The application to the MBA Program is outlined in the Admissions section of our website. In your Statement of Intent explain how the MBA/JD will allow you to fulfil your career goals. For current JD students applying to the MBA program, we do not require two years of post-graduation professional experience.

JD Application Process

Admission to the Faculty of Law is limited to 185 students each year. Admission in the regular category is based primarily on a candidate's pre-law academic record and LSAT score. However, as the number of applicants who meet the minimum requirements for admission far exceeds the number of spots available, it should be understood that eligibility does not guarantee admission.

More detailed information about the JD Admission process is available through the Faculty of Law website

Faculty of Law Contact

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