Application and Selection

A-Team Competitions Selection Criteria


Measure your academic acumen. Academic events include case competitions that require teams of students to make the most of their knowledge of key business functions.

Participants will be selected based on work experience in any of the case competition fields, experience in previous case competitions is not required but is an asset, experience in consulting and presentations not required but is an asset, and expressed interest in the field is also an asset.

To be considered for academics, you need to attend a Primer, the Fall/Winter Internal (current year or previously), or have experience in external case competitions.


Athletic competitions involve four co-ed sports chosen by the host team each year.

Participants will be selected based on previous experience playing any or several of the chosen sports, as well as participation and performance in the sports try-outs. Captains of each sports team will be selected by the specific teams on the basis of previous experience in that particular sport and/or leadership qualities.


Teams score points based on their performance in a variety of spirit events held over the course of the weekend. The events are designed to build bonds that students will maintain long after the closing ceremony. Participants will be selected based on respect shown to classmates, creativity expressed, and how loud they can get!

General Team Selection

We want people who have a great attitude, are collaborative, who get along well with others, and who support the MBA program by participating in events (MBAA events, fundraising nights, info sessions). If this sounds like you, we're excited you're thinking of us and recommend you fill out the application form to apply for a spot on the A Team!