PRIME Recruiting

What We Do

We are an investment management group at the School of Business, entrusted with managing in excess of $2.0 million of the University of Alberta's Endowment Fund. We are looking for 8-10 new students wishing to join PRIME. Upon admission, successful students will spend a year as analysts for a sector of their choice (Consumers & Health Care, Energy, Financials, Industrials, Info Tech & Telecom & Utilities, or Materials) and become a manager of their respective sector in their second year of involvement with the program.

Who You Are

You are a student with a major in either Finance or Accounting (and an interest in portfolio management and various areas of finance is an asset). 

We require a two-year commitment, so if you're applying for January 2024, you must be graduating in April 2026 or later. Members of PRIME are expected to perform regular portfolio management duties as well as attend weekly meetings (Mondays, 5PM-6:30PM). Successful applicants must complete FIN 412 and FIN 416 before graduation.

What You Get

Completion of two years in PRIME will yield more than just two years of portfolio management experience. A wealth of experience is available to PRIME students from three areas:

  • credit in your final semester for FIN 436,
  • access to an extensive alumni and mentor network,
  • take part in a trip to Calgary to meet with top investment banks, private equity firms, trading floors, consulting firms, investment managers and corporate development teams.

The program is very well recognized among many employers. Former PRIME members work at a diverse range of firms including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, RBC Capital Markets, CIBC Capital Markets, BP Canada Energy Company, BMO Capital Markets, TD Securities, Azimuth Capital Management and Morgan Stanley.

The Recruitment Process

Recruitment for 2024 will take place throughout January and February of 2024. Admission to the program is based on a four-stage process.

Stage One: Two-Part Application Form

Fill out a two-part application form. Part 1 of the application form will consist of non-grade information including a resume and a letter of intent, to be viewed by PRIME student managers.

Application Form

Part 2 of the application form includes the applicant’s historical grade information to be used only by the Program Director for GPA screening purposes.

*Please list CR/NCR for the grade submission in Part 2 of your application if applicable. Please use letter grades where possible. Use available letter grades to calculate your average.

Stage Two: Initial Interview

The second stage of the application process is an interview conducted by the PRIME student managers, consisting of both technical and behavioral questions that a select number of candidates will participate in.

Stage Three: 1-on-1 Interview

The third stage involves a 1-on-1 meeting with the Program Director.

Stage Four: Conduct a Company Analysis

The last step requires the final candidates to conduct a company analysis on a firm to be selected by the Program Director.

A hiring decision for new 8-10 analysts will be made in February.

PRIME Information Session and Intro to Capital Markets and Valuation

The PRIME Information Session and Intro to Capital Markets event will be held in the Carruthers Student Commons on December 5, 2023 at 5:00PM. Attendees will learn the basics of Capital Markets and valuation, and will gain deeper insight into the application process and the Program’s requirements. They will also be able to meet the incoming PRIME student managers and the Program Director, Keith Walton.

RSVP to Attend

Women in Finance Panel and Networking Event

PRIME works closely with the Alberta School of Business to host an evening dedicated to women curious about a career in the finance industry. This annual event is known as Women in Finance: Intro to the Markets. This event was developed as an initiative to showcase the varied opportunities that the finance industry holds, support women's development before entering the finance industry, and encourage a greater number of women to apply to PRIME. The two-hour seminar consists of an introductory lecture to the financial markets created by the PRIME students, and a diverse panel of speakers discussing women in the finance industry. There will be food and drinks provided, as well as time allotted for networking. 

The Women in Finance event will take place on November 23, 2023 at 5:00PM.


For More Information

Visit the PRIME website or email us with any questions about the program or recruitment for next year at

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a co-operative education student, can I apply?

Co-operative education students are welcome so long as they are able to meet the time commitments and are able to attend weekly meetings (means that any fall/winter work terms must be based in Edmonton).

Can I audit PRIME?

No, only those students using FIN 436 credits toward their degree can participate.

I've only got one year left to graduate. Can I be part of PRIME?

Unfortunately, no. We need you for the two full years.