Change of Category

Those requesting a change of category from MSc to PhD are required to submit a MSc Change to PhD Application Package to the Graduate Coordinator(s) along with the "Recommendation for Change of Category or Academic Standing" form which can be obtained from the FGSR by clicking HERE or from the Education Advisor.

Change of Category Requirements

  1. For current MSc students in the Department of Medicine:
    • A minimum of 2 Master's courses must be completed before transferring
    • The student will have a minimum GPA of 3.0. This GPA will be based on at least two courses completed in their Master's program
    • Must have spent a minimum of one full year in their Master's program with satisfactory performance
  2. For current MSc students NOT in the Department of Medicine:
    • One year of a Master's program must be completed in the Department of Medicine before they are eligible to apply for a Change of Category and all the conditions listed above are met.

The MSc Change to PhD Application Package consists of the following:

  1. Student's academic transcripts
  2. Record of courses taken, course in progress and courses proposed in the PhD program.
  3. Supervisor's source of research funding, including agency name, duration and amount and/or student's source of personal funding, including agency name, duration and amount.
  4. Proposed timeline of the PhD Program, including the proposed project's contribution to science and medicine and a list of any publications.
  5. The supervisory committee's statement confirming the scope, rigor, relevance and quality of the research project with a sign off page attached indicating approval of the proposal by supervisor and supervisory committee members.