Public Health and Preventive Medicine - Research

Research Requirements

Residents are expected to complete one research project within the five years of residency. This expectation is waved for those electing to do a thesis to complete a masters degree. The project topic and supervisor is open to the residents discretion. The research interests for those electing to do a thesis with faculty members in the Public Health department are found in the PHS Department Directory.

The research project starts with an answerable question which is framed as a hypothesis. The next step is to prepare a preliminary proposal. The student will be responsible for the preparation of a one-page preliminary research proposal.

This preliminary proposal should include:

  • the name(s) of the agency(ies) and/or institution(s) where the research will take place;
  • the name of the proposed Preceptor;
  • a brief summary of the relevant literature;
  • the objective(s) of the research;
  • the methods by which the objective(s) will be achieved

After approval of the preliminary proposal by the residency program director and research supervisor, the student will prepare a final proposal for approval.

Final Proposal

The final proposal should be submitted to the Academic Supervisor, Research Preceptor, Residency Program Director, and to the Agency(s)/Institution(s) in which the research is to be completed.

The final proposal should be no more than twenty pages and must include, in addition to the items noted above, a review of the relevant literature.

Once approved all documentation is forwarded to the Graduate Program Coordinator if a thesis option is chosen.

Ethical Approval

Prior to initiating the research, the final proposal for the research must be approved by the appropriate Medical Ethics Committee.


A research report in the form of a research paper suitable for publication should be presented for grading (Pass/Fail). The research should be presented at a Public Health Science student research seminars.

If a thesis option is chosen, additional requirements will include a thesis report and defense.