Your First Day



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Exciting. Overwhelming. Important. First days are all of these things. The U of A Onboarding Program is designed to support you in your journey and to ensure you have a smooth experience. Below is an overview of some things to do as you get to know your new supervisor, co-workers, and new position. There are also required actions listed here that will help to ensure you are set up to work.

The Employee Onboarding Checklist offers a detailed account of typical pre-boarding activities, required documentation, and what to expect in your first 90 days. Save a copy of this document as a tool to keep track of important tasks associated with your onboarding journey. Your supervisor may have additional activities that can be added to your Employee Onboarding Checklist.

Begin building connections and learn about your role and expectations

  1. Meet with your supervisor to discuss:
    • Your role, who you’ll work with, where you’ll work, and what resources are available to you.
    • The structures, systems and culture of the university, your college and faculty, or administrative unit.
    • Key stakeholders in the faculty, colleges and administrative streams.
    • Your supervisor's expectations for you as outlined in your 90-Day Plan.
  2. Introduce yourself! Start meeting people you will be working with.
    • Meet with your onboarding colleague for a tour of the area and get to know your team.
    • If you are coming into a supervisory position, hold meetings with all of your staff to gain a sense of current priorities, projects and issues.
  3. Explore the Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment website.
  4. Review the terms and conditions of your employee type.
  5. Review and complete the Health and Safety Training Needs Assessment.
  6. Write down any questions you may have and ask them of your supervisor or onboarding colleague.

Set yourself up with the right access

  1. Get started with your CCID.
    • Prior to your start date, you will have received an email with your Campus Computing ID (CCID) and instructions on setting up a password. This ID is your all-access login for everything on as well as your computer login. If you did not receive an email containing your CCID prior to your first day, please contact your supervisor immediately for support.
  2. Set up direct deposit and emergency contact information through BearTracks.
  3. Learn how to connect to the university’s Wi-Fi system.
  4. Download the MyUAlberta App and sign up for University of Alberta Emergency Notification System. In addition, the U of A Safe Mobile App was created to provide important safety alerts and instant access to campus safety resources. You can download the app here: Apple App Store and Google Play App Store.
  5. Get a ONEcard.
  6. Set up your Sun Life benefits account online; instructions will be emailed to you within your first week.
  7. Enroll in benefits on BearTracks.
  8. Test your security cards/swipe access (if required).

Need help? Visit the Using Employee Self-Service Tools website.

Complete Mandatory Documentation and Training for All Employees*

Within the first week

Within the ten days

Within the first 30 days

Complete U of A Employee Orientation Course (required for all new employees)

Strongly Recommended training

Depending on your role, you may be required to complete additional mandatory training, such as safety and environment training. Please discuss additional required training with your supervisor.

*Employees who do not have a dedicated computer as part of their role can complete the required training by accessing a campus computer lab. CCID and password is required to log into the computers.