Back2U Conference

Attend the Education Abroad Re-Entry Workshop

Friday, May 22, 2020
2:00 - 3:30 PM
Location: Via Zoom, please register to receive Zoom Link 

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This session designed to welcome you home, helping students who've been abroad, transition back into life in Edmonton in a fun & interactive way.

Through activities, workshops and panel discussions, you'll learn how to make the most of out of your experience abroad. Think critically about the impact of your journey and discover how you can use your new knowledge & unique experience abroad to your advantage academically, professionally & personally.

It's a great opportunity to network with other students, and professionals in the workplace, who have studied or worked abroad in the past.

Who should attend?

Students who have:

  • Studied abroad on an exchange program
  • Gained international work experience through an experiential learning program or internship
  • Taken academic courses or learned a new language through a faculty-led or summer program

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to adjust back to life at home by talking with others who have been through the same experience. While your family and friends are excited to hear your stories, they might not understand exactly where you're coming from.
  • Discover how you can use your international and intercultural skills to go abroad again or stay 'internationally' involved here in Canada.
  • Meet other UAlberta students who have been abroad to compare your experiences and tell your stories.
  • Learn how you can incorporate your education abroad experience into your resume, cover letter or an interview setting