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Education Abroad Squad: International (EASI)

Education Abroad Squad: International (EASI) is a student volunteer ambassador program that strives to provide opportunities for students to share and promote Education Abroad Program and other international opportunities accessible to University of Alberta staff and students.

EASI Objectives

  • Improve volunteers individual experiences  at the University of Alberta by engaging in student leadership development opportunities, social gatherings, and other international experiences;
  • To promote general awareness of the Education Abroad Program with the help of Education  Abroad returnees and other internationally-minded UAlberta students;
  • Provide an appropriate point of communication/information for students interested in UAI opportunities, more specifically Education Abroad Program

EASI Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Volunteers provide support at events such as Go Abroad Fair, Pre-departure, Back2U, Careers Day, and Faculty events.
  • Volunteers help in the promotion of Education Abroad Programs by tabling and distributing promotional materials, such as posters.
  • Volunteers support the Education Abroad Advisors by being Peer Advisors outside of the InfoLink on the main floor of the Telus Centre.
  • Volunteers can link with students who may be going abroad to the same locations and answer any questions they may have about living abroad in a certain place. Volunteers are encouraged to share their stories and experiences with students considering going abroad. 
Join EASI!

"[I joined EASI because] I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and wanted to help prospective students learn more about the process of going abroad and share my experiences.  I enjoyed being able to "live" in another country with a whole different set of cultures and being able to make new friends from all over the world. The friends you make on that trip, and the experiences you make on that trip is something that you will remember forever."

- Erica Yan, EASI Volunteer