Research Creation

Research-creation combines artistic expression and academic research, fostering knowledge and innovation through creative and scholarly practices. It involves critically informed work across various media or art forms, going beyond interpretation, technological development, or curriculum creation. In your SSHRC application, a successful research-creation proposal should address research questions, provide theoretical context, and outline a well-considered methodology. You may include a website link to showcase artistic samples relevant to your proposed research. 


SSHRC support materials

Articles and Reports


  • Practice as Research in the Arts; Principles, Protocols, Pedagogies, Resistances. Robin Nelson, Ed. Palgrave, 2013. Available online here.
  • Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research: Scholarly Acts and Creative Cartographies. Shannon Rose Riley and Lynette Hunter, Eds. New York and Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. Read the Introduction here.

Examples of Research-Creation