ACUC Livestock

The ACUC: Livestock is responsible for ensuring the ethical use of farm production animals/livestock, including pigs, poultry, and ruminants. This includes research involving small animal models for human nutrition and biomedical studies.



Submission Deadline

The Submission Deadline in the table reflects the deadline for the file to reach the ACUC. After an applicant submits and AUP it first routes for Facility Approval, but the Animal Service Unit. Please allow several business days for this review to occur. It is recommended to submit applications in advance of the Submission Deadline to ensure timely receipt by the ACUC.Review Timelines: All new applications require review by the full committee. While time to final approval is dependent on a number of factors, applicants can expect to receive comments from the committee's review within 10 business days after the meeting.

Animal Service Unit

Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences Animal Service (AFNSAS) is responsible for providing veterinarian oversight and animal support services specifically for the protocols reviewed by the Livestock ACUC.