Certain research, teaching, or other activities may be exempt from full review by an Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC). Examples of these exemption categories include:

  1. Category A protocols of low invasiveness:
  • Observation of wild animals without modifying their environment
  • Invertebrate animal research (excluding Class Cephalopoda)
  • Work with live isolates (e.g., excreta/parasites collected from the environment, zebrafish embryos less than 96 hours old, chick embryos at less than 2/3 incubation)
  • Use of animal-derived tissues or cadavers
  1. Other activities involving animal interaction (not research, teaching, or testing) may also require consideration of animal welfare, human health and safety, or other relevant issues. Examples include the use of companion animals in a student club event or therapy dogs during exam time. Compliance with the Pets on Campus Procedure (UAPPOL) is required for all activities involving pets.

To determine if your proposed work qualifies for exemption from full ACUC review, please submit an  Exceptions to ACUC Review Form. The form can be accessed through a UAlberta Google account (CCID). The review process typically takes up to 10 business days, and a response will be provided before the activity is conducted. If the review determines that ACUC review is required, you will be directed to submit a full Animal Use Protocol application through the online system.