Reportable Animal Welfare Incident

Certified institutions must report major animal welfare incidents to the CCAC within 14 days of the event ( CCAC Policy: Certification of Animal Ethics and Care Programs).

CCAC Reportable Animal Welfare Incident (RAWI)

A CCAC Reportable Animal Welfare Incident (RAWI) includes one of the following:

a) Events leading to significant mortality levels of research, teaching, or testing animals:

  • Catastrophic failure of critical life support systems or components
  • Disregard or unintended failure to follow practices or procedures
  • Any other cause of significant mortality levels

b) Serious or continuous noncompliance with CCAC standards resulting in the suspension of animal-based activities jeopardizing animal health or welfare.

For more information on Reportable Animal Welfare Incidents to CCAC - please see Frequently Asked Questions.

RAWI reporting procedure

To comply with CCAC guidelines during a reportable animal welfare incident, researchers should:

  1. Prioritize animal welfare and provide immediate care.
  2. Notify the designated veterinarian responsible for the animal facility promptly.
  3. Report the incident to the University Veterinarian and Animal Care and Use Committees through the PAM log, following reporting protocols and completing incident report forms.
  4. Document detailed observations, including date, time, location, description, and contributing factors. Include photographs or videos, if possible.
  5. Cooperate with the Animal Care and Use Committees (ACUC) by providing requested information for analysis and identification of underlying causes. Review and revise protocols, procedures, or practices as necessary.
  6. Communicate with relevant stakeholders, such as colleagues, supervisors, and collaborative institutions, about the incident, actions taken, and preventive measures. Principal Investigators should remind their research/teaching team members to follow approved animal protocols and SOPs and report all major incidents promptly.

The University Veterinarian will consult the CCAC as needed to determine formal reporting requirements.

The University Veterinarian, in collaboration with the ACUC Chair, will submit the RAWI report to CCAC, with copies sent to the VP (Research and Innovation), Associate Dean Research, and UAPWC.

For more information about UAlberta procedures for RAWI reporting, please contact the University Veterinarian, a Facility Veterinarian, or an ACUC Chair.