CEFE Scholarships

CEFE Scholarship in Family Enterprise

(for BCom Students)

Value: $3500
Funded by: Anonymous donor
Number: Two

Eligibility: Awarded to students with superior academic achievement entering the third or fourth year of study for a Bachelor of Commerce, and who have completed Managing Family Enterprise (SMO 428) or Advising Family Enterprise (SMO 488). Selection based on academic standing.

Application: By April 15 to the Undergraduate Programs Office, Alberta School of Business, Room 2-20.

CEFE MBA Scholarship in Family Enterprise

(for MBA Students in SMO 628 or SMO 642)

Value: $6500
Funded by: Anonymous donor

Eligibility: Awarded annually to two outstanding students who are registered full-time in the MBA program at the University of Alberta. A recipient will be selected on the basis of academic achievement (minimum grade point average equivalent to 3.5 on the University of Alberta grading scale) and will have completed or be enrolled in either SMO 628 Managing Family Enterprise or SMO 642 International Family Enterprise.

Application: Eligible applicants should submit a letter of application to the Associate Dean, Masters Program by July 1.

Notification: Successful applicants will receive notification by August 1.

CEFE Family Enterprise Scholarships

(for BCom or MBA Students)

Value: $1,500
Number: Two

Funded by: The Centre for Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise (CEFE) is located within the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta. Its mandate is to develop and disseminate knowledge regarding the management of family enterprise, particularly in the contexts of entrepreneurialism and internationalization.

Eligibility: To be awarded annually to Alberta School of Business undergraduate or MBA students who complete a minimum of one project, program, course, or seminar in the area of family enterprise and have been accepted to participate in the European Study Tour or similar family themed exchange. Preference will be given to students with a strong interest or prior experience in the field of family enterprise. The full sum of the scholarship will be awarded to successful applicants upon completion of the exchange with proof of the completed project/course/seminar provided.

Application: Submit application forms by April 15 to the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise, Alberta School of Business.

Application Form

Candidates must also complete an International Student Exchange Application and be selected for participation on an exchange.