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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, School of Business and Management


Hong Kong SAR


HKUST is a dynamic and forward-thinking University that embraces a truly global outlook and an innovative spirit. Founded in 1991, the University has rapidly been established as a top global institution and built a respectable reputation in the region by aligning world-class educational resources with the growth momentum of Asia. The University has developed a unique East-West educational ethos centered on the core values of excellence, diversity, and open-minded curiosity. As the leading Global Business School in the region, our vision and ambitions distinguish us from the rest.

Academic Areas of Expertise/Focus:



BCom only

Available Spots:

4 semester spots/academic year

Special Admission Requirements:


Approximate Term Dates:

Semester 1: September - December
Semester 2: end of January/early February - May

Summer Program Option:

HKUST International Summer Program


Full-time Course Load: 4 - 5 courses with a maximum of 17 credits/semester

Language(s) of Instruction: English

Course Restrictions: Exchange students are permitted to take non-business courses from other faculties


General Information for Exchange Students

Course Options

Housing Information


On-Campus Student Residences:
Off-Campus Housing Assistance:
Buddy Program:
Pre-Semester Orientation Program:
Language Courses:
Airport Pick-up Service:
Mandatory Insurance Program:
Internship Placement Program:
Host Family/Home Stay Program:

Special Funding:

Hong Kong-Canada Business Association Award for International Student Exchange awarded annually to 1 student. Valued at $750 (1 term or full year)

Student Feedback:

Past Participant Reports (requires login with UofA CCID)

Destination Overview (averages based on 4 reviews by past participants):

Academic Quality compared to ASB |||
Lower Higher
Academic Difficulty compared to ASB | |
Difficult Easy
Need for Second Language ||||||||
Essential Unnecessary
Extracurriculars & Social Options ||||||||
Nonexistent Excellent
Cost of Living compared to Edmonton ||||||||||
High $$$ Low $
Housing Options |||||||||||||||
Poor Excellent
Recommended to Other Students ||||||||||||||||||||
No Yes


"Overall, my exchange experience was the time of my life. Hong Kong is an incredible city and HKUST is a great university that attracts amazing people from all over the world. This is the place to be."

"Hong Kong is one of the best choices for exchange because life in Hong Kong is so different from Canada. And if you wish to go to a non-English speaking country, Hong Kong is a meaningful start for anyone."

"All in all, I believe that going on an exchange is an opportunity that a student should participate in if given the chance. The experiences are amazing and I would highly recommend the city of Hong Kong as it will open many doors to working for many international firms in an international city and meeting many friends from all over the world."

"As an academic institute, the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (UST) is top notch and highly competitive."