International Study Tour: China

In cooperation with the University of Alberta Bachelor of Commerce Program and MBA Program, the Alberta School of Business International Office is offering students the unique opportunity to participate on an International Study Tour to China during the Spring. The Study Tour combines lectures and assignments at the University of Alberta during the Winter Term with a 12-day on-site study tour of Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai, during which students participate in company visits and lectures as well as some cultural and sightseeing activities in order to gain first-hand experience and understanding of the unique business culture and context of China. Successful completion of the study tour and related academic components is worth 3 credits towards a BCom or MBA degree.

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Student Testimonials

"The China Study Tour exposed me to a plethora of unique insights into China's political and economic structure, culture and business etiquette that could never have been replicated in a classroom. Participating in site visits, attending interactive lectures and partaking in cultural activities, within the world's next great superpower itself, were experiences unlike any other. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to peers."

-- Anna Leyva



"China is a beautiful country filled with so much potential and so many opportunities. Learning about the country from a business perspective was very valuable and any assumptions you might have made before the trip are proven completely wrong! I've gained a little more knowledge, seen a little more of the world, and made lifelong friends at the same time. Believe me, this trip was worth every single penny!"

-- Carolyn Truong


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