Doctor of Medicine - MBA Combined Degree

The MD/MBA program develops physician managers capable of pursuing careers that balance clinical care with managing change in a healthcare environment. Graduates will have the ability to pursue careers in a wide range of healthcare areas, from small clinics to large tertiary healthcare facilities.

Program Structure


This program combines the Doctor of Medicine degree with the Master of Business Administration degree. Upon successful completion of the combined program, graduates will receive both an MBA and MD degree at the conclusion of the five-year period.

This five-year combined degree program begins with the first two years at the Faculty of Medicine. In the third year, students would spend their time at the Alberta School of Business completing our core MBA curriculum and 3 elective courses. For the elective courses, students would have the opportunity to take one or two courses from the School of Public Health. The combined year is designed to be completed in 11 months, beginning with MBA Orientation in August and wrapping up with elective courses in the following Spring Term (May - June). The last 2 years of this combined program ends at the Faculty of Medicine where students complete their clinical requirements.

There are no changes to the MD degree requirements other than adding an extra year to the overall requirements and allowing a break between the pre-clinical and clinical years (between year two and year three).

MD/MBA Program Outline

MD/MBA applicants would follow the same application process as all other MBA applicants, with two key differences:

  1. MD/MBA applicants can submit their MCAT score, rather than a GMAT or GRE score; and
  2. MD/MBA applicants can be considered for admission without two years of post-graduation work experience.

Current University of Alberta MD students can apply at any time in the first two years of the MD program to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (for admission into the MBA program). Please contact the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry for more details on gaining admission into the MD program.  

MBA Admission Requirements

During the MBA year, students are assessed MBA tuition. Tuition is assessed on a per course basis. For domestic students in 2023/24, tuition for an MBA course is currently $2,546.88. The cost to complete the entire MBA portion of the MD/MBA combined degree is approximately $36,500 plus non-instructional fees.

MD/MBA students are eligible for scholarships and awards in the MBA program during their MBA year. 

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