MBA Women's Network

The purpose of the MBA Women's Network is to provide opportunities for women to learn through engagement, to support and be supported through connection, and to advance through sharing. The intent of this group is to create continuity between female students past, present, and future.

MWN's Guiding Principles

  • Learning through engagement
  • Supporting through connection
  • Advancing through sharing

This network is aimed at current and alumni women from the University of Alberta's MBA program. The network will be run with the spirit of inclusion. In this spirit, there will be collaboration with the undergraduate organization, new and other like-minded networks.

During the year, we will host a speaker series and a number of networking events; the details of which will be shared via the MBA Insider and our Facebook group.

MBA Women's Network grew out of the need for a support system for women and as a medium of continuity between past and current female students of the MBA. Over the years, it has evolved to become one of the prominent clubs of the MBA program with many speaker sessions under its hat.

Our Value Proposition

Your association with the MBA Women's Network and our events will be a great asset for your resume. Being a member of MWN give you access to women professionals in diverse leadership positions, opening the door for mentorship, internship and networking opportunities. It also enhances the value of your MBA by creating opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions on sensitive and compelling issues with alumni and special guests at our events.

MBA Women's Network Executive Team

The MBA Women's Network is Co-chaired by a full-time and part-time MBA student:

  • Griselda Sukmoro
  • Christina Ostashevsky

How to Get Involved

The MBA Women's Network operates on a year to year basis with representation from 1st and 2nd year MBA students. This enables us to represent the perspective of students in all phases of the MBA program.

In the fall, recruitment for 1st-year students to volunteer on the executive committee/team enables us to orientate new volunteers to the activities and operations of the club to build continuity from year to year. Consider joining us to enhance your MBA program experience by contacting us to inform of us of your interest to volunteer.

All MBA students are invited to participate by joining our group by registering here and joining our Facebook group

How to Contact Us

For more information, or to share topics of interest or speaker suggestions, please reach out to us at

If you are a member of a professional organization and would like to reach out to us, please contact us by email.

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