The Supervisory Leadership Program

Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment is pleased to deliver a high-impact Supervisory Leadership Program. The content is customized to meet the specific needs of supervisors within the University of Alberta context.

This nine-full-day transformational program engages learners in interactive, experiential workshop sessions that feature relevant University of Alberta workplace case studies, planning exercises, self-assessments, and tools to apply directly to the workplace. Discussions and a comprehensive project and presentation give the learners opportunities to gain insight into their supervisory and leadership strengths and to develop strategies for improving their skills.

The program is delivered in a cohort format of up to 25 people. We offer the program twice per year, usually in the fall and spring. There are nine sessions in total, one held each week.

The spring 2022 cohort has been delayed. Please subscribe to our PD newsletter to be notified when application opens for the next cohort.

Why get involved?

Growth - The program is intended to help you enhance your leadership performance and personal development.

Workplace Transfer - The program helps you deal with real workplace situations and issues, and will transfer what you learn to new situations.

Rewarding - The program offers exemplary, practical, relevant content. Nine out of ten participants say "it has improved or enhanced my workplace skills."

Current supervisors will have first priority to attend. Non-supervisors will only be considered on a case-by-case basis if we cannot fill the class with current supervisors and managers. Non-supervisors are encouraged to enroll in the U of A Advantage Program.
Upcoming program dates

Next cohort - TBD

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How to apply

Click on the "Apply Now" button on the top right of this webpage to submit your application. Follow our guideline for applying and use our supervisor/manager endorsement form

Program cost

$250 for all applicants. 

Accepted forms of payment: departmental indent, credit card, or approved Human Resource Development Funding

Human Resource Development Funding (HRDF): If you are a NASA staff member, this program is eligible for HRDF funding. Be aware of the HRDF funding application periods and apply for HRDF funding as soon as you are considering taking the program. If HRDF is approved, and if you are admitted to the program the HRDF funds are transferred automatically to Human Resources upon attendance. Once your funds are approved please send the confirmation to 

Attendance and cancellation policy
Attend each full day of the program to complete it. 

Due to the high interest in the program and administrative costs to run the program, a $100 cancellation fee will be applied for cancellations within five business days prior to the start date. For participants who drop out of the program on or after the start date, the course fee is not refundable.
What to expect
  • Participate in a learning opportunity project to apply concepts from the program.
  • Spend up to five hours outside of class time to prepare, complete assignments, work on their project, engage in online discussions, and meet to discuss progress with your supervisor.

In the Being module, you will apply your learning to self-awareness including values and ethics, personal mission and vision, personality types, learning styles, and time management.

In the Knowing module, you will apply your learning to awareness of others, emotional and social intelligence, supervisory roles, coaching and mentoring, leading through change, and team development.

The final module, Doing, will take what you have learned, put it into further practice through the examination of organizational awareness, performance development and management, problem-solving and decision making, and finally, developing internal and external customer relationships.

Involvement needed from your supervisor/manager
  • Attend the orientation (two hours on the first date) and participate in a program overview, learning project guidelines and online component orientation.
  • Be knowledgeable about the program content for discussion and coaching purposes.
  • Provide support to the learner throughout the program by enabling conditions in which the learner can practice and transfer elements he or she is learning.
  • Provide ongoing feedback and mentoring to the learner as she or he completes program activities.
  • Commit to supporting a learning opportunity project applicable to your work area.
  • Observe your participant's project presentation for 30 minutes on the last day.
What people are saying about Supervisory Leadership

“This course was great! It was especially helpful in having everyone in the course coming from the University of Alberta environment. It allowed us to communicate and relate at a common level."

"The group discussions were fantastic and gave real-life experience with real situations. The content was relevant and one is able to apply to daily situations. Knowing you (supervisor) are not the only one going through something was reassuring."

"Overall it has been an amazing heightening of awareness of many skills that are easily not utilized. I feel what I have learned and re-visited will help me extremely as I increase my supervisory exposure in my area. Rule #6!!!"

Guidelines for Applying

Supervisor/Manager Endorsement Form