April 2022 Lunch & Learn Bulletin

Each month Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment offer a number of one hour sessions devoted to the dimensions of health and well-being. In April, we will focus on ourselves with a wellness journey, in inner strength and mindfulness; as well as what it means to become conscious allies in the workplace with a study in gender pronouns and inclusivity.

All sessions will run from 12–1 p.m. unless noted otherwise and will be delivered online. Register through the LearnCentre by clicking register and then using the “enroll” button on the top right. New to LearnCentre? Access LearnCentre and scroll down to view this event under available sessions.

The Journey to Wellness: One Step at a Time

Olivia Morson, EFAP
Thursday, April 7

Many of us use springtime as an opportunity to renew our commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, but how often are these resolutions kept? This session will examine what wellness means and provides simple steps to help participants set their own health goals and keep them on track for achieving their personal definitions of wellness.


Inner Strength

Lakshmi Sundaram, EFAP
Tuesday, April 12

Learning how to create and tap into our individual reserves of inner strength may help to also bolster our mental health. This session will explore self-esteem, self-confidence and self-efficacy, all important components of inner strength, as well as the benefits of practicing self-compassion. Participants will be introduced to a variety of theories and concepts around these topics, have the opportunity to complete self-assessments and learn strategies to help build a stronger sense of self.


Cultivating Mental Well-being through Mindfulness

Nandini Karunamuni, University of Alberta
Thursday, April 21

Whether you are new to mindfulness or have been practicing for a long-time, this workshop will enable you to further understand and develop this life-long skill. Using short guided-meditation sessions, we will explore what exactly is meant by mindfulness, what the “present moment” is, and how mindfulness can be understood within a broader framework of our first-person experiences. In this workshop, we will also examine the scientific literature on mindfulness that relates to well-being.


Gender Pronoun Use, Inclusion and Workplace Best Practice: Becoming Conscious Allies

Evan Westfal, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services (UofA)
Thursday, April 28

In this webinar, participants will explore concepts and terminology regarding gender and sexual diversity, specifically focusing on understanding the minutiae of sex assigned at birth, gender identity, and gender expression. Participants will look at intersectionality and how it relates to best practices in developing allyship skills in the workplace and community at large.

**Please note that this session is 90 minutes in duration.**


 For information about the Lunch & Learn program, contact our office at workplace.wellbeing@ualberta.ca.