Bulk appointment update

13 April 2022

It’s been requested by faculty and units to provide an alternative method to submit larger volumes of employee appointments (sometimes referred to as bulk appointments).

A template has been tested to support this request for these grad appointments: Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), Graduate Teaching Assistant - Principal Instructor (GTA-PI), Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Graduate Research Associate Fellowship (GRAF).

The template will allow faculties/units to enter up to 100 grad appointments on the worksheet and use a google form to submit the worksheet to Shared Services for processing. Information and orientation sessions will be facilitated April 19 to 22 and will be communicated to those impacted.

Roll out will begin April 25 with a beta release to Kinesiology Sport and Recreation, Computing Science and Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences who participated in testing. Shared Services will engage more faculties/units to include small, medium and large groups with a targeted full roll out by May 1.