New resource for biocontainment level 2 labs

New guidelines aim to simplify federal requirements

07 June 2022

The University of Alberta has more than 900 rooms classified as biocontainment level 2 (CL-2) laboratories, spaces where additional infrastructure and operational considerations may be necessary to work safely with certain organisms. Laboratories designated as CL-2 spaces must comply with federal requirements as detailed in the Canadian Biosafety Standard.

To assist CL-2 managers with the interpretation and application of these requirements, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) has prepared the CL-2 Research Laboratories Biosafety Operational Guidelines, which include instructions, practical tips, and links to helpful resources. Managers should bookmark (not print) the resource, as it will be updated often as regulations change and more HSE resources are developed. 

Coming soon: similar guidelines for non-laboratory CL-2 spaces (such as cold rooms and autoclave rooms)

For more information about biocontainment facilities or to provide feedback on the CL-2 Research Laboratories Biosafety Operational Guidelines, please contact