Softphone, Mobile Phone, and Desktop Phone Support

Monday - Friday
Winter Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Summer Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

We keep the university connected through a wide range of services including mobile device support, telephones, directory service, and teleconferencing support. We ensure you have support remotely, at your desk, in the boardroom, or on the go.

As a staff or faculty member, you may be eligible for a desktop and/or wireless phone. Contact your departmental telecom contact for more information, requests for telephone equipment installations, moves, and all other telephone needs!


A softphone is a type of software-based phone. It allows you to make phone calls over an internet connection without needing designated physical hardware, and it can be installed on desktops and laptops. In short, softphones help you make telephone calls without an actual telephone.

Setting up your phone

Get help navigating your new software phone and setting up your preferences.

Using your phone

Get instructions on placing and receiving calls, setting up your voicemail, and more from your softphone.

Desktop Phones

Setting up your desktop phone

Get help navigating your new desktop phone, plugging it in, and setting up your preferences.

Plugging in your phone

User guides

Using your phone

Get instructions on placing and receiving calls, setting up your voicemail, and more from your desktop phone.

Mobile device support (Phones and tablets)

Encryption Support: IST will provide recommendations and instructions for protecting UofA data that may be stored on personally-owned mobile devices.

Mobile Deployment: If a device is procured through IST, IST will deliver and assist in the basic setup of the mobile device, including installing SIM cards, email setup on mobile devices and computers, and guidance on how to transfer data from old phones.

Mobile Device Management

Please watch the CISO website for news and information on the upcoming campus MDM solution.

The current MDM VMware Workspace ONE (formerly Airwatch) is being retired and users can uninstall the Intelligent Hub application from their devices at the end of November 2023.

Telecom Expense Management System (TEMS)

The Telecom Expense Management System (TEMS) allows you to submit telephone orders and view telephone billings and reports.

Please note that if working remotely, the TEMS application requires a VPN connection. To access the TEMS VPN, please use the usual, but when you are prompted for your username and password, use CCID@ tems*, along with your normal password.

* You may also need to request VPN access to TEMS for on/offsite. Please contact Shared Services to request the @tems VPN access.