Information for Prospective SERB Students

The next call is expected to be announced in July 2019.


How to apply


1. Please check the SERB OVDF webpage for details on the eligibility requirements and information about the fellowship.


2. If you are eligible and interested in applying, you will first need to find a professor at UAlberta who will agree to supervise your research here. It will be your responsibility to find a supervising professor, but here is some information that may assist you with this process.

  • Review the list of UAlberta Departments that offer graduate programs. You will need to go to the website of the department you want to apply to and review the profiles of professors who are doing research in your field.
  • You can then email the professor, inform them that you intend to apply for funding from SERB, and include the following documents:
    • CV
    • University transcripts
    • Statement of Research Intent - this should explain what you have accomplished thus far in your PhD program, what you are researching, why you want to conduct research at UAlberta, and how your visit here will contribute to your PhD program.
  • As per UAlberta’s agreement with SERB, students coming to UAlberta with SERB funding will need to register as Visiting Graduate Students (also known here as Research 900 students).
    • The cost of tuition fees for the Research 900 registration will need to be covered by the UAlberta supervising professor.
    • It will be important that when you communicate to a professor, you will need to confirm with them if they are able to cover that cost if they supervise your research.


3. If you find a UAlberta professor who is interested in supervising you and agrees to cover the cost of the Research 900 tuition fees, then the next step is to complete an application for a Visiting Graduate Student form.

  • You will apply as a “Non-Exchange” student and indicate on the application form that you will register in Research 900.
  • You will also need to get a letter of permission from your home university confirming that you are allowed to come to UAlberta as part of your PhD program, that you are to register in Research 900, and what month/year they will allow you to start your research at UAlberta and what month/year they expect you to complete your UAlberta research work.

4. Request the following documents from your UAlberta professor:

  • CV (SERB would like it to include information about Academic & Research Qualifications, Publications list, Patent list, Details of research projects being implemented/ completed/submitted, if any)

  • A letter from the professor on department letterhead, explaining that they have agreed to supervise the student’s research at UAlberta, have approved the research plan, and will cover the cost of the Research 900 instructional and non-instructional fees. 

Once you have completed the application form, obtained the letter of permission from your home university, and received a letter of support from a UAlberta professor, please email them to    

5. Once you have received an official admission letter from UAlberta’s Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, please prepare all the required documents that are listed at the bottom of the SERB OVDF webpage and email them to

You are not required to apply directly to SERB via their online system.