Leadership Certificate Program


The Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) at the Alberta School of Business is an exciting program that was developed for undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Commerce programs. It brings students together for a unique learning experience where they are mentored by extraordinary men and women from all walks of life who have demonstrated their own leadership abilities.

About the Program

Students enter the program as they begin their third year. A small cohort of no more than twelve students per year ensures that each student is given individual attention. Upon completion of the program, students will receive the Certificate in Leadership at the same time they receive their degree parchment.

Transformative Experience: This program is aimed at producing an experience that provides students with access to mentorship by individuals with proven leadership qualities in local, national and international communities. Academic coursework is provided by Faculty members trained in leadership and who conduct research in this area. Additional learning experiences are provided by leaders from across Alberta and Canada in many different disciplines.

Community Connections: Guest lecturers and speakers will come from the local and national community. Speakers will be leaders in academic life, business, professions, military, government, and in the volunteer, cultural, and non-profit communities.

Mentorship: Senior Administration in the Faculty, including Dean Joseph Doucet and Associate Dean Leo Wong, and the current Director of the LCP Dr. Michelle Inness, are committed to this program. Instructors Maria David-Evans, Dr. Heather Caltagirone, Michelle Height and Dr. Michelle Inness are committed to playing strong roles in the mentoring and support of students in the program.

Entrance Requirements

  • Must be a BCom student in satisfactory academic standing.
  • Must be completing (or have completed) all of the required primary core Business courses.
  • Must have completed a minimum of *51 to a maximum of *69 credits towards your BCom degree (this includes courses in progress during the Winter and Spring term).

Certificate Requirements

The Leadership certificate program takes two years to complete. Students take one course in each Fall/Winter term in their final two years in the Bachelor of Commerce program. Courses emphasize a collaborative learning environment where students learn the skills that leaders possess such as inspiring trust and loyalty, managing people, conflict resolution, goal orientation, service to community and ethics.

  1. SMO 402 Management Skills for Supervisors and Leaders (Fall Year Three)
  2. BUS 301 Business Communications (Winter Year Three)
  3. SMO 470 Leadership Lecture Series (Fall Year Four)
  4. SMO 471 Leadership Seminar (Winter Year Four)

Each course is supplemented by fully funded additional activities that take place throughout the year. Activities include: site visits, dinners, events, guest speakers and other activities that give students an intimate look at the process of developing leadership.

Application Process

The Leadership Certificate program is no longer accepting applications.