The Leadership certificate program takes two years to complete. Students take one course in each Fall/Winter term in their final two years in the Bachelor of Commerce program. Each course is supplemented by additional activities that will change from term to term or year to year, depending on the availability of guests and the interests of both students and faculty. These additional activities can include site visits, dinners, events, guest speakers and other activities that focus on giving students an intimate look at the process of developing leadership. Students will not incur any additional expenses for these activities. They will be fully funded and offered to students at no cost.

Students are required to complete all of the requirements for the Bachelor of Commerce program, including the requirement to complete a major area of concentration. In addition to those requirements, students will complete the following courses:


  1. BUS 301 Business Communications (Winter Year Three)
  2. SMO 402 Management Skills for Supervisors and Leaders (Fall Year Three)
  3. SMO 470 Leadership Lecture Series (Fall Year Four)
  4. SMO 471 Leadership Seminar (Winter Year Four)


All courses are taken as part of a cohort, and scheduled into the same time slot every year and every term as three hour classes in the same classrooms. This ensures that the program has a home base and students will know that this day and time is specially blocked off for them. The emphasis in all courses will be on participative learning and on individual personal development through information dissemination on leadership and leadership skills, personal reflection and development, mentorship and example.

The emphasis will be on a collaborative learning environment where students learn the skills that leaders possess such as inspiring trust and loyalty, managing people, conflict resolution, goal orientation, service to community and ethics.

Upon completion of all of the above, including all of the additional activities required, the student will receive the Certificate in Leadership at the same time they receive their degree parchment.