Newly Admitted Transfer Students

What is the Cohort Program?

For general information about the cohort program click here.

Why Cohort?

By creating a shared timetable, the Cohort Program allows students the opportunity to better get to know their classmates. This can enhance the student experience and creates more opportunities for connection and networking. 

Which courses are Included in the Cohort Timetable?

Second-year core courses are those which are included in the Cohort Timetable. For students entering the BCom program in Fall 2024, these are:

  • ACCTG 222
  • B LAW 201
  • BTM 211
  • BUEC 211
  • BUS 222
  • FIN 201
  • OM 252
  • MARK 201
  • MGTSC 212

How Do I Know if I Will be a Cohort or Non-Cohort Student?

Cohort status is determined at the end of current students’ first year of the BCom program OR at the time of program entry for incoming transfer students.

For newly-admitted post-secondary transfer students, a student will be assigned cohort status if they:

  • Are a second-year BCom Student, AND
  • Have successfully completed the prerequisite courses for 5 or more of the cohort-year courses, AND
  • Have not already taken 6 or more of the cohort-year courses

A student will be assigned non-cohort status if they:

  • Did not transfer directly into the second year
  • Are a second-year BCom Student
  • Are missing prerequisite courses for 6 or more of the cohort-year courses
  • Have already completed 6 or more of the cohort-year courses
  • Are not BCom students (e.g. Business minors)
  • Are incoming exchange students

How Will I Register for Cohort or Non-Cohort Classes?

All second-year core courses have both cohort and non-cohort seats available, but registration will be based on cohort/non-cohort status. As a second-year student, you must wait for registration instructions from the Business Undergraduate Office.

For incoming transfer students, you will receive a communication from the Business Undergraduate Office shortly after you receive your University Admission Letter.

More information for cohort students, including upcoming cohort schedules, can be found here.More information for non-cohort students can be found here.

Reminder: Make Sure You Register in ACCTG 211

ACCTG 211 is a first-year BCom course; however, newly-admitted transfer students may not yet have credit in this course if they are new to Business. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that all eligible* newly-admitted students register in ACCTG 211 in the fall term, as it is a prerequisite course to ACCTG 222, which is a cohort course that is scheduled in the winter term. Students will not be eligible to maintain registration in ACCTG 222 in the winter term if they have not first completed ACCTG 211.

Four sections of ACCTG 211 have been reserved in Fall 2024 for newly-admitted transfer students. Please be sure to register in sections E11-14 in the fall term to maintain your program progression in winter term.

*Eligibility is defined as those students who have completed/are registered in any prerequisites or corequisites for a course and have not already completed the course.