Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Post-Master's Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship is targeted towards current doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows at the University of Alberta. The certificate is intended as a complement your doctoral studies and provide you with competencies around innovation management, technology commercialization, and building new organizations. 

Who is it for?
The certificate program is designed for doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows at the University of Alberta. The certificate is based on our MBA Specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in which students gain the competencies to manage technology innovation and commercialization processes as well as to generate business plans and ideas. The certificate program focuses on innovation management, from idea generation through feasibility studies all the way to market launch. Students will gain knowledge and skills in the areas of identifying opportunities, facilitating innovation and development, managing intellectual property, understanding innovation systems and processes, and building new organizations and markets.
What courses will I take?

You will need to complete four graduate-level courses, two required courses plus your choice of two courses from an approved list. The two required courses are:

SEM 631 - New Venture Creation and Organization

This course concentrates on the development of a new enterprise and the management of an existing small business. Casework and projects enable students to assess the opportunities, risks, and capabilities necessary for entrepreneurial success. The course emphasizes managerial and strategic problems during the early years of business formation and growth, including business planning. The course emphasizes the interface between theory and practice.

SEM 659 - The Strategic Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This course addresses business principles at the interface of organization and technological change. It is intended for future managers and entrepreneurs, and provides the strategic frameworks needed to manage and profit from technological innovation. This course is designed in three parts, starting with an examination of innovation in the context of historical patterns of technological change. Second, it will address the organizational challenges in creating and managing innovation. To close, the course will integrate this knowledge and introduce strategies for commercialization and business development. Case studies and a final project will create opportunities to apply the frameworks.

You would also select two courses from the options listed below:

SEM 600 - From Science to Business: Translational and Entrepreneurial Challenges

This is a project-focused course on technology entrepreneurship and translation. At the core of the course will be `real life' projects that require business development analysis and assessment. Based on their projects, students will be expected to produce technology commercialization plans as a key output for the course. In addition, the course will address key strategic and policy issues related to enhancing technology entrepreneurship at the science-business interface. Topics covered include open innovation systems, the challenges associated with the bridging the gap between science and business, and the strategic management technology translation and entrepreneurship.

FIN 635 - Venture Capital

Covers the theory and practice of venture capital financing of entrepreneurial firms. Topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to, the following areas: venture capital fundraising (labour-sponsored venture capital corporations, limited partnerships and corporate venture capital) characteristics of entrepreneurial ventures (including agency problems, firm valuation) at different stages of development (seed, start-up, expansion, mezzanine, buyout, turnaround), the structure of venture capital financial contracts (staging, syndication, forms of finance), restrictive covenants, investment duration, and venture capital exits (IPOs, acquisitions, secondary sales, buybacks, write-offs).

SEM 601 - Innovation and Sustainability: The Cleantech Revolution

The clean technology and renewables course is a course designed to fit with three areas of graduate study: technology development and transfer, strategy, and sustainability. In this course, we will begin with an examination renewable energy industries (solar, water, wind, etc.) and clean technologies focused on waste and recycling. Clean and green strategies will be identified and discussed, using specific examples from our international clean technology research and database. At the end of the course, students will present either a project with a local clean technology company project or a case analysis of a key clean technology company of interest.

B LAW 658 - Intellectual Property Law and Technology Commercialization

An overview of key legal concepts from a variety of jurisdictions related to intellectual property and its commercialization. The course will follow a comparative case-based approach to explore formal laws, institutions and business practices related to IP in technological innovation. Topics covered may include copyright, trademark, industrial design, database protection, patent law, application process and patent searching, and licensing strategies, with a special focus on the life sciences. The course aims to provide students with the skills required to address legal issues arising from technological innovation.

MARK 502 - Principles of Marketing Management

This course commences with an examination of core marketing concepts, including strategic marketing planning, segmentation and the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion) and the integration of these concepts into a marketing plan. Specific focus is then provided to developing pragmatic skills regarding marketing effectiveness.

MARK 612 - Marketing Research

Provides an examination of marketing research methodologies emphasizing the translation of marketing problems into researchable form, research design, data gathering, data analysis, and implementation of research results.
How are the courses offered?
All courses are delivered in person on the University of Alberta campus. You would be completing the certificate courses as they are offered as part of the MBA program. Post-Master's Certificate students would typically take classes during the evening. Certificate students would integrate with MBA students to provide a dynamic, interactive environment which would blend theory with hands-on participation and solution-driven application. The exchange of scientific and technical knowledge with business fundamentals and applications would be of significant benefit for doctoral students and MBA students alike.
How long will it take to complete?
Students would be able to begin the certificate program in either Fall or Winter term. You are required to complete four courses, the exact length of time to complete the certificate will vary based on course-load. We anticipate most students will complete one course each term (Fall and Winter) and complete the certificate in two-years. Once accepted into the certificate program, students would work with our Academic Services team to plan their schedule.
How much does the certificate cost?
Course tuition for the certificate program is in line with existing MBA student tuition. Students will be assessed ~$1,250/course plus any additional non-instructional fees.
What are the certificate requirements?
The certificate is intended for current doctoral students at the University of Alberta. There is no specific discipline or area of study required for students to enter the certificate. You will need to apply to the certificate program through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. As part of the online application, you will need to upload copies of your current and previous transcripts.
How do I apply?
You will need to apply directly through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research online application system.
How can I find out more information?

For more details on the certificate, please contact us directly at:


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