Career Paths

A concentration in Real Estate can take you down several different career paths, many of which are not immediately obvious. Below are some of the unique directions a career in this field can take.

Commercial Brokerage

Acting as an intermediary in the sale and lease of commercial real estate.

Representing buyers and sellers in the residential real estate market.
Converting existing land to be suitable for property construction and related infrastructure. Also includes the construction of residential, commercial, and mixed-use structures on said land.
Real Estate Marketing
Promoting and selling commercial and residential properties.

Valuation, market research, and other third-party analysis for developers, investors, and the government sector.


Professional valuation and assessment of properties.

Corporate Real Estate

Managing the properties held by a corporation to support its core business.

Retail Real Estate
Identifying, leasing, and building out new locations for retailers.
Real Estate Finance
Providing or securing funding for the purchase and/or development of property including mortgages, equity, construction lending, and permanent lending.
Property Management
Overseeing the day-to-day operations and maintenance of a commercial or residential property on behalf of its owner(s).
Asset Management
Managing a portfolio of real estate assets involving significant capital expenditure, redevelopment or repositioning, major lease decisions or purchase and sale decisions on behalf of the portfolio investor such as a REIT, a pension fund or other investment group.
Public Sector
Providing analyses and recommendations for government planning departments, economic development entities, and assisting in the development of public policy.
Real Estate Investing
Managing the purchase of properties solely for income generation, either for private investors, public real estate companies, or at the institutional level for insurance companies or pension funds.
Relocation Services
Assisting people or businesses with changing their permanent location to a new region or country. This involves finding suitable properties and accommodations, but can also include shipping services, language training, and coordinating the necessary immigration documents.
Private Investment
Building your own portfolio of real estate holdings, be they retail, office, residential-for-sale, residential-for-rent, mixed use industrial, hotel, leisure, or land development/subdivision.
Supply Chain
Optimizing the journey of a product from manufacturer to consumer through the purchase or lease of warehousing space and distribution centers.
Big Data
Monitoring and interpreting real estate market trends as well as evaluating consumer shopping patterns.

Current Opportunities

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