Chapter 1 Introduction to Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to bring together in one place financial information to assist financial administrators.

The Guide information includes:

  • Financial policies and procedures (UAPPOL)
  • Other guidance and information
  • Links to central services units websites for further information.

The Guide is organized in a logical format and covers the following topics by chapter:

2. Institutional financial reporting
The financial system
4. Chart of accounts (COA)
5. Financial reporting for users
6. General financial information (provides information on various topics)
7-9 Specific business processes (revenue and banking, payments, procurement)

Other comments:

  • The Guide is updated throughout the year as required and will be noted with a "last updated" date at bottom of document. Please note the "last updated date" does not apply to the UAPPOL, which have their own "most recent editorial date". Some documents do not change from year to year (i.e. therefore not updated); however FS ensures all documents are reviewed by the appropriate central services unit on an annual basis.
  • Guide updates are communicated by FS-Bulletin.
  • All PeopleSoft training resources are located on the IST website. You can access this via the FS homepage, Other Links section for IST / Financials.

Contact Information: Financial Contact List (All Units)

Last updated: January 2019