Academic Impressions


Academic Impressions will transition to a close effective June 1, 2023. Please complete any courses in progress on the platform, or those that may be of an interest to you, before this deadline. The U of A Customer Service Training modules in Academic Impressions are unaffected and will continue to be available until March 2025. 

 Why did we make this decision?  

This decision was carefully considered and based on a number of factors: 

  • Client feedback on the platform consistently indicated that the content is not a good fit for the U of A or the Canadian context; 
  • Employee usage of the platform is low and represents a small fraction of our faculty and staff population; and,
  • A recent increase to the annual subscription has made the platform cost prohibitive, particularly given the low employee usage and fit.

Over the last year Organizational Development, HRHSE has launched a revitalized curriculum designed to support the evolving needs of faculty and staff. Learn more about our learning curriculum


Access Academic Impressions

To access these resources, simply login or create an account on the Academic Impressions website using your primary UAlberta email address. Choose a unique password to keep your account secure.

Create Account/Login

For help creating your account, questions about member resources, or scheduling a demo for your team please reach out to Kori Parton at

Access the following topics or view all training resources.


Fundraising and donor relations

Equity Diversity and Inclusion
Personal development and inclusive classrooms
Faculty Success
Career advancement, teaching and research

Finance and Administration
Institutional and academic planning.
Team building, resiliency, and streams for women in leadership and academic leadership
Student Success
Career readiness, mental health and wellness, and student life and engagement


Focused learning plans to help sharpen your skills

Each learning plan includes a set of questions that help you reflect on what you’ve learned and begin to think of ways to apply it. Access the training and the questions from a single PDF to track progress and your notes.

To view the complete list of over a dozen focused learning plans, login and visit the Find Your Plan page.

Access a variety of resources

Our partnership with Academic Impressions provides you with access to:

  • Online training, both live and on-demand (with new trainings added weekly)*
  • Additional tools, resources, and articles: blog, books and assessments, campus workshops, conferences, job aids and printables, live webcasts, online bootcamps, research and reports, virtual trainings, webcast recordings and other resources
  • All Academic Impressions virtual conferences**
  • Participation in the daily Virtual Writing Café; providing support, accountability, and community for those wanting focused work space

Hitting registration caps? Some Academic Impressions virtual workshops and conferences have registration caps. Academic Impressions is working to accommodate more people in sessions that don't have as much interactivity. If this happens, you have the option to:

  • Use the Academic Impressions live chat function and ask for assistance—you may be able to be added to a course with a cap.
  • Wait until the recording becomes available and watch that. You can contact instructors if you have specific questions that arise from the recording.
  • Watch for the next offering and register early.

*Some resources are available publicly to members and non members alike. For these resources, you may be asked to fill out a registration form but this has no impact on your membership as it includes free access to most training resources.

**Free virtual conference seats are limited to ensure a high quality experience for all attendees. Please sign up early to be guaranteed a spot, and please let Academic Impressions know if you need to cancel your registration so the seat can be filled by another participant.

Protection of Privacy

Personal information provided is collected in accordance with Section 33(c) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the FOIP Act) and will be protected under Part 2 of that Act. It will be used for the purpose of providing access to the enterprise membership for Academic Impressions that provides extensive online leadership and professional development resources. Please note that live sessions may be recorded (i.e. video, image, sound, etc.) and used for sharing the recording with other attendees of the session and members at large of Academic Impressions. Please note that information collected will be transmitted to and stored on servers outside of the University, Alberta and Canada and that the University cannot guarantee protection against disclosures as a consequence of foreign laws. Should you require further information about collection, use and disclosure of personal information, please contact: Leadership and Professional Development in Human Resource Services at or 780-492-7125.