Faculty Members

Dr. Hongquan Zhang

Associate Professor

Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology

Division of Analytical and Environmental Toxicology
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About Me

Ph.D.                      University of Alberta                                    2009

M.Sc.                 Northwest University, Xi’an, China           1999

B.Sc.                  Northwest University, Xi’an, China           1997


  • LABMP 551 Laboratory Research Methods
  • LABMP 552 (NSERC CREATE Course)


  • Exploration of binding-induced DNA assembly to develop bioanalytical tools for ultrasensitive and point-of-care detection of biological targets.
  • Development of fluorescent nanosensors for real-time detection of specific biological targets under cellular environment.
  • Construction of target-triggered DNA nanomachines and nanodevices.
  • Development of novel affinity ligands by generation, modification, and manipulation of functional nucleic acids.


Research Keywords

Affinity binding, Aptamer, Binding-induced DNA assembly, Biosensing, DNAzyme, Functional nucleic acids, Homogeneous analysis, Infectious disease, Nanomaterials, Point-of-care, Point-of-care testing, Ultrasensitive assay, Ultrasensitive protein detection