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Dr. Wilson HY Roa


Department of Oncology

Division of Radiation Oncology
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About Me

As an academic oncologist, Dr. Roa contributes to research, teaching, administration and patient care.
Clinical Service
Despite the various involvements, the day-to-day care for cancer patients takes the lion’s share of Dr. Roa’s committed time as a physician. 


Dr. Roa plays the role of teacher, supervisor and/or mentor for post-doctoral fellows, residents, research trainees, graduate and medical students.  The post-graduate education program at University of Alberta has become a most sought after graduate program, and a residency training accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.


Dr. Roa is involved in the translational research of 1) nano-carrier platform for chemotherapeutics and radiation therapeutics; 2) image-guided adaptive radiotherapy with gated immobilization, functional targeting and/or intensity modulation; 3) early-phase clinical trial involving cytokines and miRNA targets.  These works are performed in collaboration with colleagues from departments of chemistry, engineering, medicine, pathology, pharmacy, physics, radiology, surgery and experimental oncology.  Over a dozen of peer-reviewed clinical trials in the fields of neuro-oncology and lung cancer are performed at any point in time at Cross Cancer Institute, ranging from in-house to international studies.  For example, a phase III international randomized radiotherapy study in older patients with a common high-grade glioma has been administered under the auspice of the institute department.  The study will further improve clinical practice.
Dr. Roa contributes to scientific steering committees of research groups and consortiums such as the Radiation Therapy and Oncology Group (RTOG), and to funding reviews as an invited panel member for cancer agencies such as the Ontario Cancer Research Network and the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology.  He participates also as an invited peer-reviewer for scientific journals such as the American Journal of Clinical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Biology & Physics, and Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs.