Faculty Members

Dr. Carlos Flores Mir


Department of Dentistry

Division of Orthodontics
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About Me

Discipline Area: Orthodontics

  • Associate Professor 
  • Division Head  


  • Licensed Orthodontist
  • Fellow Royal College Of Dentists Of Canada
  • Doctor In Science
  • Master In Science 


  • DDS 529 Evidence-Based Dentistry
  • DDS 545 Evidence-based Dentistry
  • DDS 529 Orthodontic
  • DDS 545 Orthodontics
  • DDS 565 Orthodontics
  • Dent 565 Evidence-Based Dentistry
  • Dent 566 Systematic Reviews In Dentistry


  • Evidence-Based Dentistry 
  • Orthodontic Prospective/Retrospective Clinical Trials 
  • Diagnosis and Management of Upper Airway Sleep Disorders 
  • Fixed class II malocclusion correctors

Research Keywords

Evidence-based Dentistry, evidence-based dentistry, orthodontics., Faculty education, Meta-regression, RCTs, oral health, Research Methodology