Faculty Members

Dr. Fang Ba

Assistant Professor

Department of Medicine

Division of Neurology
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About Me

Dr. Ba received her MD degree from University of Calgary in 2007. She also obtained her PhD degree in Physiology/Neuroscience from University of Alberta. She finished her neurology residency and CIHR fellowship in Movement Disorders at the University of Alberta. She also pursued further training in Deep brain stimulation (DBS) in University of Florida. Her research interest and practice are in DBS for movement disorders. She is currently Assistant Professor in the Division of Neurology, University of Alberta.


I am the education coordinator for movement disorders program/rotations. I am also involved in undergraduate medical education, and postgraduate medical education in the format of classroom teaching, small group teaching, bedside clinical teaching, and designs of OSCEs.


My primary research interest and practice are in Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders. Currently, we are involved in research to investigate how cortico-spinal reflex changes under the influence of parkinson medication and DBS in Parkinson's patients. We also use a computer-based tool to assess patients' decision making in DBS for Parkinson's disease and analyze the outcomes.

Since gait difficulties are one of the most debilitating symptoms in Parkinson's disease, I am also looking into the imaging biomarkers for gait difficulties and to look into the structural changes that can predict the response to treatment interventions.

Other research I am involved includes new drug trials for Parkinson's patients with significant motor fluctuations.

Research Keywords

Deep brain stimulations, dystonia, freezing of gait, genetics, movement disorders, Neuroanatomical, Neurochemical, outcome, Parkinson's disease, Parkinson's disease, Freezing of gait, MRI,, patient-centered decision making, Reflex, Spinal cord circuitry