Dr. Gavin Oudit

Professor (Medicine), Adjunct Professor (Physiology)

Department of Medicine

Division of Cardiology
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About Me

Personal Statement:

Heart failure occurs when the heart has been damaged by heart attack or stroke. Approximately 600,000 Canadians live with heart failure and those numbers are increasing. Heart failure costs our health system about $2.4 billion annually. My goal is to use the knowledge and collaborative strengths we have to translate basic discoveries in the lab into therapies to reduce the burden of heart disease on individuals, their families and the health system.  

Clinician scientist Dr. Oudit’s medical degree, internal medicine and adult cardiology specialty training and PhD were all completed at the University of Toronto. He is a translational researcher whose work with patients at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute informs his research endeavours to discover new therapies for heart failure. 

Leadership and Collaborations:

Dr. Oudit established the Human Explanted Heart Program and is director of the Heart Function Clinic at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute.


Dr. Oudit teaches graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and cardiology and nephrology residents. 


Dr. Oudit holds the Canada Research Chair in Heart Failure. He spends 65 per cent of his time investigating the molecular and cellular aspects of heart failure and arrythmias with the goal of  identifying new drug and therapy targets. His research spans many aspects of heart failure, including the role of gender in iron-overload cardiomyopathy, investigating cardiotoxicity from breast cancer chemotherapy, identifying diagnoses and treatment of Fabry disease, discovering biomarkers for heart failure, as well as research into kidney and vascular diseases. A discovery by Dr. Oudit of a molecule called ACE2 that protects against heart failure, coupled with his use of a new genetic mapping technology to more clearly observe sub-cellular processes involved in heart failure, led to the development of a biologic to treat the disease. The new heart failure drug has been successfully tested in clinical trials and is expected to be available within five years. Dr. Oudit’s work with ACE2 shows that it also plays major roles in diabetes and lung diseases and he is developing potential therapies. 

Dr. Oudit’s research is funded by the Women and Children's Health Research Institute, University Hospital Foundation, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research. He completed research grants with the Canadian Diabetes Association and Alberta Innovates. He has partnerships with GlaxoSmith Kline and Apeiron Biologics.

Dr. Oudit is an active review committee for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and has more than 300 scientific papers and abstracts in publication. 

Research Keywords

apoptosis, atherosclerosis, blood pressure, cardiac function, cardiology, cardiovascular medicine, diabetes, echocardiography, heart failure, hypertension, pediatric heart failure, pharmacology

Team Members

Current Trainees

  • Basu, Ratnadeep, MD, PhD (Internal Medicine)
  • Chen-Song, Dale, BSc student
  • Chen, Xueyi, PhD candidate
  • DesAulniers, Jessica, Research Technician
  • Gheblawi, Mahmoud, PhD student
  • Miskew-Nichols, Bailey, MD student (STiR)
  • Moukaskas, Basel, Hon. Physiology
  • Mundi, Kudrat, BSc student
  • Nguyen, Quynh, MD student
  • Nikhanj, Anish, PhD student
  • Wang, Billy, Hon. Physiology
  • Wang, Faqi, PhD, Research Technician
  • Wang, Wang, PhD, Research associate
  • Yogasundaram, Haran, MD, PGY-2 (Cardiology)
  • Zhabyeyev, Pavel, PhD, Research associate
  • Zhang, Hao, PhD student


  • Al Balushi, Asim, MD (Peds. Cardiology)
  • Alherbish, Aws, MD (Cardiology, Ontario)
  • Bodiga, Sreedhar, Asst. Professor (India)
  • Byrns, Simon, MD (Surgery)
  • Chen, Christopher, Graduate student
  • Chow, Fung, MD (Family Med.)
  • Das, Subhash, PDF (Yale)
  • Fischer, Conrad, PDF
  • Guo, Danny, MD (Dermatology, UBC)
  • Hsu, Ying-Han, MD (Pathologist)
  • Karpyshyn, Jillian, MD student
  • Kazemian, Pedram, MD (Cardiologist, NJ)
  • Lezutekong, Judith, PhD candidate
  • Lim, Kenji, Graduate student
  • Lo, Jennifer Yi Ting, MD (Pediatrics)
  • McKinnie, Shaun, PDF (UC San Diego)
  • McLean, Brent, PDF (UofT)
  • Mori, Jun, MD (Pediatrics, Japan)
  • Murphy, Colm, MD (Cardiologist)
  • Parajuli, Nirmal, Asst. Professor (South Dakota)
  • Patel, Vaibhav, Asst. Professor (UofC)
  • Putko, Brendan, MD (Neurology)
  • Ramprasath, Tharmarajan, Graduate student
  • Shah, Saumya, MD
  • Steed, Justin, MD (Family Med.)
  • Tang, Jack, MD student (Yale)
  • Valtuille, Lucas, MD (Cardiologist)
  • Wen, Kevin, MD (Nephrologist)
  • Zhong, Jiu-Chang, Professor (China)