Dr. Giseon Heo


Department of Dentistry

Division of Orthodontics
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About Me

I received a MSc in Mathematics at Carleton University and a PhD in Statistics under the supervision of Professor Wiens at the University of Alberta. I joined the Department of Dentistry in 2004, and have a cross appointment in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences.

I have co-supervised six students with Professors Gannon, Gombay, Schmuland, and Wiens, in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. The students’ names are Mike Kowalski, Ming Jie Yang, Paul Bogowicz, Jennifer Gamble, Ya Meng, and Kate Yaraee.

My current students are Violeta Kovacev-Nikolic (MSc in Statistics) and John Fedoruk (BSc in Statistics). I would like to recruit 2-3 graduate students from mathematics and statistics.

I like to analyse multidimensional complex data that often arise in Brain or Maxillo-facial images or gene sequences. I like to combine statistics, probability, computational topology and combinatorics in figuring out interesting features of complex data. Research collaborators are from broad disciplines; clinicians, neurologists, neuropsychologists, computing scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

My favourite sports are swimming, yoga, and walking. My best records for walking are 3:01:17 (1/2 marathon) and 6:29:18 (full marathon). 


  • Dent 551 (Introduction to Applied Statistics); 
  • Dent 552 (Multivariate Analysis) 


  • Applied Computational Topology, 
  • Applied functional Data Analysis, 
  • High Dimensional Data Analysis